Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lush Tramp Shower Gel

Today I have a Retro item from Lush to share with you! If you are unaware of Lush's Retro items, they are products that have been retired, and now are currently only sold online. I was excited to try out my first ever Retro item from Lush, and today I bring you my thoughts on Tramp shower gel*.

How Lush describes Tramp:

"The mystical fragrance of Tramp shower gel takes you down a mossy path through a dark forest, rich with massive oak trees, overgrown grasses and the scent of patchouli. Our divine concoction is made with melissa infusion to soothe body and scalp, and white horehound (which sounds rather like something else, another reason we called it Tramp) to calm your mind and improve your mood. You’ll emerge from the shower smelling like an enchanted forest."


I'm already a big fan of Lush's shower gels, so I was excited to try out this scent. This shower gel is a mossy green colour, and very thin in consistency. I found the scent to be fairly deep and masculine, so I think my boyfriend will love this one! I also enjoyed the scent, but it is very different from the typical fruity, floral scents that I typically gravitate towards. It's nice to switch things up every now and again! If you like patchouli and woodsy scents, I think you'll like Tramp. The scent from Tramp filled my entire shower, which is why I love Lush's shower gels so much. Tramp created a nice lather, and I know it would be even better if I used it with a loofah. The scent didn't linger on my skin for too longer after my shower, which I like since I always wear perfume anyways. 

Lush's Retro items are available online only, and a 100ml bottle of Tramp costs $9.95, and a 500ml bottle costs $28.95. Have you ever ordered any of Lush's Retro products? Which ones do you recommend? :)

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