Friday, 24 May 2013

Vichy NutriExtra Extraordinary Oil

Happy Friday everyone! I hope all of my American readers have an amazing long weekend, I'm super jealous! Today I have an exciting product to share with you, one that I have been absolutely loving lately. Vichy's NutriExtra Extraordinary Oil* is a beautiful body oil that can also be used on the face and hair. This oil is lightly scented and does wonders for moisturizing dry skin. Vichy's Extraordinary Oil is the first dry oil formulated specifically to deeply nourish the skin.


I'm a huge fan of oils, particularly for the hair. Now, I've been experimenting with using oils on my face and body too. Vichy's Nutriextra Extraordinary Oil comes housed in a plastic bottle with a spray pump. The spray isn't too concentrated, which I love. I've been enjoying this oil as a substitute for body butters, since I find this really easy to apply. This oil sinks in very quickly but leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day long. With hot, humid summer days just around the corner, a nice light oil like this one is perfect!


When I use this oil in my hair, I spray it onto my ends. I've used this on both freshly washed, damp hair, and dry hair. My hair is quite dry, so I can get away with a couple of sprays of this oil. If you have fine hair, you might want to spray the oil into your hands, and apply it that way. I find that Vichy's Nutriextra Extraordinary Oil really helps to lock in moisture, hydrate dry ends, and give my hair a nice shine without looking greasy.

Have you tried Vichy's Nutriextra Extraordinary Oil, or any other beauty oils? I think they're a great option all year round, but I think it's absolutely perfect for the warmer months. Please leave me a comment below with your favourite beauty oils! :)

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