Sunday, 9 June 2013

OPI A Definite Moust-Have

OPI recently released yet another collection, this time revisiting an old friend. OPI's Couture de Minnie Collection honours Minnie Mouse for the second year in a row (remember OPI's Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection?) Today I have OPI's A Definite Moust-Have* to share with you!


OPI's Couture de Minnie Collection features 5 new pink based polishes, including one glitter and one Liquid Sand polish. A Definite Moust-Have is a gorgeous hot pink polish that almost seems to have coral undertones in some lighting. This polish was a pearly finish to it, which is very subtle but it does complete this polish. I was really impressed with the formula of this polish, it was really thick and pigmented, I almost got away with one coat. However, I did decide to add a second coat to add some depth. This polish has one of the best formulas I've seen in a while!


I really love pink polishes, they're feminine, flattering, and never go out of style. I find it so easy to rock a pink nail, as they tend to go with almost any outfit. A Definite Moust-Have really shines in the Summer sun, I love the pearly shine. Although this polish is mostly a creme, it's not at all boring. Sometimes I find creme polishes a bit lackluster, and I find myself applying glitter or shimmer top coats to jazz up my mani. However, A Definite Moust-Have has my full attention, and I don't feel the need to change up my mani at all!


Will you be picking up any of OPI's polishes from the new Couture de Minnie Collection? I highly recommend picking up A Definite Moust-Have, as it's the perfect shade for Summer. I don't think a girl can own too many pink polishes, and I don't think I have anything identical to this in my collection! 


  1. Oh this is so pretty! I've been planning on picking up the miniature collection which I think could be fun for summer. :)

    1. Thanks! Ooh the mini collection would be perfect! :)

  2. That's such a flattering color! Love it on you!


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