Friday, 19 July 2013

Cake It's A Slice Velveteen Hand Cream

I've been obsessed with a hand cream that I've rediscovered from my stash, Cake's It's A Slice Velveteen Hand Cream ($18 CDN)! I received this in a Topbox a very long time ago, and I'm not sure why I haven't been reaching for this formula more often. Now that I've rediscovered it, I'm completely obsessed!

"The hugely popular and specially formulated velveteen hand creme soothes and nourishes dry skin with a silky foundation that absorbs quickly. Hands feel smooth & non greasy. Scented with sweet orange & creamy vanilla."


This hand cream has a very sweet scent, which I know some people might not be a fan of. Personally, I really love this sweet scent! It's a nice mix of vanilla and orange, and it reminds me of the scent of John Masters Organics Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk (reviewed here). You only need a pea sized amount of this hand cream, so the 100ml tube should last me quite a while. This cream absorbs quickly and my hands are left with a gorgeous velvety feeling. The sweet sweet does linger slightly on my hands for an hour or two, but it isn't too strong. My hands keep that soft, hydrated feeling all day, but I still make sure to always reapply after I wash my hands. 

Have you tried any products from Cake before? I've also been interested in trying their powder dry shampoos! Please leave me your product recommendations in a comment below :)

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