Friday, 12 July 2013

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment

I have quite dry and slightly damaged hair, so I'm always on the hunt for a moisturizing hair treatment. I've heard a ton of great reviews on the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment*, and I'm so glad that I've been able to try it out!



Our Healing Oil Treatment is a therapeutic hair oil perfect for all hair types and is especially beneficial to dry, damaged hair.
Intense nourishment for tangle & frizz free hair
Hair that is ultra-smooth, manageable & shiny
Natural UV protection extends the life of color treatments
Reduced drying time by an amazing 40-50%


This hair oil has a very, very light scent, which I really like. I often use multiple products in my hair, so if one of them has a lighter scent I don't mind. The weather has been extremely humid here in Ottawa lately, and my hair has definitely been acting out. My hair can get quite frizzy and wild, so I always like to turn to an oil to calm my locks. I add about a pea-sized amount of oil to the bottom half of my damp hair, and work it in. This oil isn't greasy at all, and it doesn't weigh my hair down. This oil does actually help my hair dry faster which is always an added bonus!

This Healing Oil Treatment reduces frizz, and leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable. My hair does have a natural wave/curl to it, and this oil doesn't weight down my curls. It actually makes my waves stronger since it reduces frizz. I'll need to use this oil for a bit longer to see any lasting benefits, but so far I'm really impressed! I do colour my hair, so anything that promises to extend the life of colour treatments is a winner in my books!

Have you tied the Healing Oil Treatment or any other products from Macadamia Natural Oil? What products do you recommend? :)


  1. That sounds a lot like how the Argan oil works. Argan is too heavy for my hair though so maybe the macadamia oil would be better? I will ask my stylist. I can imagine how nice this must smell and feel on your hair!

    1. Ask your stylist about it! :) It's nice and light, so I think you'll really like it!


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