Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Perfume Collection!

Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd share my perfume collection with you :) In the past year or so I've become completely obsessed with fragrances, and I'm always wanting to add another perfume to my vanity. Here's what is currently in my collection!


Here are my full size bottles. Starting at the top left I have Jennifer Aniston's fragrance (reviewed here). I absolutely love this fragrance, it's perfect for either Summer or Winter. You only need one or two spritzes of this fragrance, and it will last all day long. Next I have the newest addition to my fragrance collection, Sephora's Kiss the Girl* (reviewed here), which is a part of the Ariel Collection. I love this light scent, and it's perfect for Summer. DKNY Red Delicious is one that I picked up on clearance for only $19.99, but I haven't gotten too much wear out of it. I really like this scent, but it doesn't last that long on my skin. Lancome Hypnose Senses is one that has been in my collection for a few years. This scent is a bit more sophisticated, and I like to wear it on date nights. Another perfume that I've owned for years is Bath & Body Works' Butterfly Flower. This scent is really nice and summery, I need to start wearing it more often! Benefit's Ring My Bella* (reviewed here), is my current favourite fragrance. I've only had this bottle for a few months, but it's almost empty. This perfume is very floral, which I quite like. Another perfume from Benefit is So Hooked on Carmella* (reviewed here). This scent is a really nice mix of citrus and vanilla, and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it in the Fall and Winter seasons. Lastly I have L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, which I believe is now discontinued. I absolutely love this scent in the colder months, but I'm trying to ration it since it's not readily available anymore!


Now onto my rollerballs! First I have Roberto Cavalli, which is one of my all time favourite scents! My boyfriend put this scent in my stocking last Christmas, and I absolutely love it. Next I have Harvy Prince's Ageless, which actually has a pump & spray! This scent is nice and light, great for Spring and Summer. Third I have a rollerball of Jennifer Aniston's perfume. Sephora's So This Is Love* from their Cinderella Collection is a beautiful clean and floral scent. Next I have Sephora's A Whole New World Perfumed Oil Rollerball* (reviewed here), from their Jasmine Collection. This is a great date night scent. Lastly I have a rollerball of Sephora's Kiss the Girl*. 


Next I have my mini bottles! Top row, left to right: Calvin Klein Euphoria, DKNY Pure, Donna Karan Woman, Gucci Flora
Bottom Row: YSL Parisienne, Coach Love* (reviewed here), Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir, Dior Miss Dior Cherie, Calvin Klein Eternity


I also have two fragranced body lotions. I did also have Prada's Candy body lotion, but I've used it up this month. First I have Live in Love by Oscar de la Renta, which I received in a beauty box a while ago. Next I have Jennifer Aniston's perfumed body lotion. 


Lastly I have two of Lush's fragrances. First is The Voice of Reason*, which is a very masculine, musky scent. Next I have Furze* (reviewed here), which I absolutely love. This is a nice light scent, perfect for Spring and Summer!

So there you have it, my perfume collection! I have enough fragrances to last me years and years, but I'm always wanting another bottle or two. I'm currently lusting over Bobbi Brown's Beach, but every time I try it on it a store, it seems to disappear within an hour. Does this happen to anyone else with that fragrance? What is current favourite fragrance? :)


  1. Wow! Thats so many perfumes! I usually never buy perfume because it can get so expensive. I actually just used up my last drops of Clinique Happy Heart which I loved, for my birthday my boyfriends mom gave me 21 samples of perfume so I could pick my next scent which I thought was so clever and cute!

    1. Aha I know, it's a bit crazy! Oh that's such a cute idea! I love Clinique's Happy scent :)


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