Friday, 12 July 2013

Sephora + Pantone Universe Horizon Light Brush Collection

Sephora + Pantone Universe have recently released a new brush set, called the Horizon Light Brush Collection* ($48 CAD). I normally stick to Sigma brushes, so I was excited to try out a different brand!


How Sephora describes this set:

"What it is: A delightful five-piece brush set that changes colors in the palm of your hand or when exposed to light.

What it does: This impressive brush set was designed to provide a super soft feel against the skin and flawless application every time. The synthetic bristles contain fine cuticles on each filament that mimic natural hair and help ensure excellent powder pick up for both wet and dry formulas.

What else you need to know: The brush heads have been treated with an antibacterial spray to guard against buildup and can easily be washed with alcohol, mild soap and water, or a brush cleanser.

This set contains:
- Angled blush brush
- Large shadow brush
- Smudge brush
- Crease brush
- Angled liner brush"

This set comes packaged in a beautiful quilted holographic green makeup bag. This bag would be perfect to keep in you bag as it is on the smaller side.


These brushes are actually quite good quality! The bristles are synthetic and extremely soft. I've been using the angled blush brush to apply either blush or my highlighter, and it works perfect for those purposes. The smudge brush is good to pack colour all over your eyelids. I do find the bristles a bit short on this brush, but it still gets the job done. The large shadow brush is great for adding shadows to your lids, or for blending. I've been loving the angled liner brush to add powder shadows to my lower lash line, it's excellent for that purpose! And finally, the crease brush is great to add a highlight to your inner corner. 


Sephora claims that the handles of these brushes change colour with heat (from your hands, the sun, a lamp, etc.), but I haven't been able to get them to change at all! They do have an iridescence to them, and slightly change from purple to green, but this isn't due to heat activation. I was really hoping they would change to a bold green or purple when I used them. Also, I have found these brushes a bit trickier to clean, and once you use these the bristles will never be white again. I also do wish that this set included a large powder brush, since it would then be a complete brush set! 

Overall, I think that this set would make an excellent gift! This is actually fairly reasonably priced, at about $10 per brush, plus an added cosmetics bag. The bristles are very soft, and they don't shed at all. If you're needing some new brushes, definitely check out this set. 

What are your favourite brushes? Will you be checking out the Horizon Light Brush Collection?

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