Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Demeter Lavender

I own a few different fragrances from Demeter, but lately I've been gravitating towards their Lavender* scent ($20 CAD). These Pick-Me-Up Cologne Sprays can either be used as a perfume or as a room spray (which is how I like to use them). 


"Lullaby and goodnight......this scent says chill out. Lavender is a shrubby plant indigenous to the mountainous regions of the countries bordering the western half of the Mediterranean, and cultivated extensively for its aromatic flowers in various parts of France, in Italy and in England and even as far north as Norway. It is also now being grown as a perfume plant in Australia. The fragrant oil to which the odor of Lavender flowers is due is widely used in perfumery, and to a lesser extent in medicine. The fine aromatic smell is found in all parts of the shrub, but the essential oil is only produced from the flowers and flower-stalks. Besides being grown for the production of this oil, Lavender is widely sold in the fresh state as 'bunched Lavender,' and as 'dried Lavender,' the flowers are used powdered, for sachet making and also for pot-pourri, etc., so that the plant is a considerable source of profit. Various species of Lavender are used in the preparation of the commercial essential oil, but the largest proportion is obtained from the flowers of Lavandula vera, the narrow-leaved form, which grows abundantly in sunny, stony localities in the Mediterranean countries." - Demeter


What I love most about Demeter's fragrances is that they always smell exactly like what they're supposed to. These single-note fragrances do an excellent job at capturing that specific scent, and evoking memories associated with that scent. I normally don't gravitate towards Lavender or heavy floral scents, but I do really like this one. Lavender is quite calming, so I like to spray a few spritz' of this fragrance around my room before I go to sleep.

If you're looking for a unique, new fragrance, check out Demeter's wide range of scents. They have everything from Grass and Hello Kitty to more traditional scents like Cherry Blossom and Jasmine. Have you tried any of these single-note fragrances? Which ones are your favourites? :)


  1. I am obsessed with lavender. I have a lavender oil roll on ... I totally roll it under my nose every night for sweet dreams ... it also helps with stress!


  2. Ooh!! I really want to try their fragrances!! O_O
    Are there any places in Ottawa that sell them that you know of? Or did you order from them online?

    1. I believe they're sold at Loblaws stores actually! :)

    2. :O!!!!!!!! That is so awesome!!! :D Thank you!

    3. No problem! :) Do you know what scent you wanted to try?


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