Sunday, 18 August 2013

Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot

Vichy's newest addition to their Normaderm line is their Hyaluspot* ($21 CAD), which is anti-imperfection targeted care. This new product from Vichy claims to use bandage effect technology (hyaluronic acid + salicylic acid + LHA) to help stop contamination. From the 2 hour point, 99% of contamination is stopped. From 48 hours, imperfections disappear faster without leaving a mark.


"For the 1st time, hyaluronic acid is used in a targeted anti-imperfection care, associated with the best dermatological ingredients (salicylic acid + LHA). 1. Hyaluronic Acid forms a biological and invisible film like a bandage which avoids over-contamination from external agents. 2. Salicylic Acid + LHA treat from inside to act at the source of imperfections."


I really like the packaging of this product, there's a metal applicator which gives a cooling effect (meant to instantly soothe and is much more hygienic than applying with your fingers). The clear gel is non drying, non greasy, non sticky, and invisible. There's nothing worse than applying a treatment to your spots and being left with a coloured film. This treatment can be used in both the AM and PM, since it is invisible. I find that this treatment does heal my imperfections, and once my spots are healed I'm not left with any scarring. This isn't going to instantly zap away your spots, as I find that it still takes about 3-4 days for any spot to fade completely. However, this treatment really does help to safely heal imperfections, and I love that there's no scarring. 

Vichy's Normaderm Hyaluspot is available this month, have you picked it up yet? What are your favourite spot treatments?


  1. I haven't tried this but it sounds magical! SIgh. anything to help with my spots :(

    1. Oh you should definitely try this out! I really like Lush's Grease Lightning too :)

  2. interesting! Thanks for sharing..
    following you on bloglovin! x


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