Friday, 13 September 2013

Essie Mind Your Mittens

Today I have another shade from Essie's Shearling Darling Collection for Winter 2013! Essie's Mind Your Mittens* ($9.99 CAD) is a surprising shade for a Winter Collection, as it's a beautiful minty green polish. This type of shade is normally seen in a Spring collection, but I love that Essie took a chance and included it in a holiday line!

"Charm. Etiquette. Discretion. You’re a master of manners with serious knit knack in this serenely shimmering cashmere gray."


Essie's Mind Your Mittens is a beautiful shimmering mint shade. This formula was really nice, and I used three coats for an opaque look. After the first two coats I did have a few bald spots, but the third coat made everything even. This polish has a fairly thick formula, but it was easy to work with. I did add a top coat for some added shine. 


This sea foam shade has some gray undertones, making it a bit more Fall/Winter appropriate. Essie describes this shade as a gray, but I definitely think that the mint tones are more prominent. I love the hint of sparkle in this formula, especially since it is so subtle. The shimmer really shines through in the sun or direct lighting. 

What do you think about a bright pastel shade like Essie's Mind Your Mittens being in a Winter collection? Essie's Shearling Darlings Collection will hit shelves October 2013, so keep your eyes peeled! :)


  1. I like this one though I don't know how much it differs from other polishes in my collection.

  2. Very pretty! I don't think I have any blue/gray's in my collection.

    Do you find that Essie polishes separate quite quickly and always need to be shaken up?


    1. I honestly don't own too many Essie polishes, but the few that I do have seem to be fine! :)

  3. This is so pretty! Really cool to see this in a winter collection! :)

  4. What a gorgeous colour! I hardly wear nail varnishes myself but I'm tempted to get this one :)
    Love your blog, followed via GFC

    Check my blog out?

    1. Thank you! I really like this shade too :)

      Thank you so much for following! :)


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