Thursday, 5 September 2013


When I first head about KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.BUGs, I was really intrigued. I like the idea of have crazy, fun colours in my hair, but I've never actually took the plunge and did it. But with this kind of temporary hair colour, there's no harm in a little bit of experimentation. I chose to try out KEVIN.MURPHY's COLOR.BUG in Pink* ($20-$25). 






KEVIN.MURPHY's COLOR.BUG is essentially coloured hair chalk that washes out easily in one shampoo. I love the idea of temporary colour, as I'm not sure that I'm ready or willing to permanently dye my hair any vibrant shades. This Color.Bug comes packaged in this cute little "bug" that is easy to grip onto. It is suggested to apply a hair product before applying the colour, and I tried out a few different styling products. First, I went with a simple leave-in conditioner, but that didn't hold the colour at all. Then I tried using Joico's Power Spray, which worked a bit better but it wasn't great. Finally, I tried Lush's Dirty styling product, which is quite thick and held the colour nicely. I then took the Color.Bug and ran it along the ends of my hair. One of my major complaints with this packaging is that since the product is level with the container, it's hard to really get it onto your hair. I found that the easiest way to apply this product was to hold a chunk of hair in one hand, and then work the colour onto my strands. Unfortunately, this left me with pink coloured palms, but it washed out fairly easily. Do make sure to wear a towel around your shoulders during application because this can come off on your clothes. 


I do have quite dark hair, and I still was able to get the colour to show up quite nicely. However, I did have to use quite a bit of product, and I only did my front ends. This little "bug" isn't filled completely with product, it only contains 5g. I would say that I can get another 2 uses out of this product. The colour also didn't last that long in my hair. After about an hour or so the colour had drastically faded, and was completely gone in about 3 hours. The upside is that the leftover product did indeed wash out quite easily with my normal shampoo. 


I think that the concept behind this Color.Bug is really great, but there are a few flaws. This would be a fun product for a photo shoot, or something like that, but the colour just didn't last long enough in my hair for even a night out. I think that this product would have worked a lot better if I still had my blonde hair. I would have liked it a lot more if the colour showed up on my hair without having to use a heavy styling product, as that did weigh down my hair quite a bit. If you've used this product before, what styling products did you use with it? 

Are you interested in temporary hair colour? I absolutely love the idea behind this product, but I don't think that it's a perfect product just yet. If you have any tips on how to get this product to last longer, please do let me know! :) 


  1. How cool its that I want it nice review.

  2. This looks really cool! :D However I would be worried about it rubbing off on everything >.<

  3. This is such a cool idea, I seen these but I wanted to read reviews before I purchased, Thank you!

  4. i tagged you in my latest post, would appreciate if you could check it out xx

  5. oh such a great post and lovely blog dear! :) xxx

  6. This looks so pretty on you! Too bad it wasn't easier to apply :(

    1. I do wish that it was easier to apply, but it still gave a fun colour :)


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