Monday, 30 September 2013

Lush Rose Jam

Lush is one of those companies that actually listens to their customers requests, which recently led them to bring bag their Rose Jam Shower Gel* ($10.95-$29.95 CAD). I've fallen in love with rose scents over the past year, and Lush definitely knows how to create an amazing rose scent!


"You begged and pleaded with us to make Rose Jam available for Christmas - and it’s back for a limited time! A decadent, rosy shower gel made with vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice and nourishing argan oil, Rose Jam leaves your skin soft, hydrated and sweetly-scented. Lovers of our Rose Jam bubbleroon and Ro's Argan body conditioner will recognize its gorgeous rose absolute and lemon fragrance. Lathering up with this shower gel is a truly indulgent way to wash!" - Lush


I was already a huge fan of Lush's Ro's Argan, so I was really excited to try out Rose Jam. This shower gel smells amazing, it's a very soft rose scent. As with all of Lush's shower gels, Rose Jam lathers up very nicely, and the scent fills up your entire shower. I don't find that the scent lingers on my skin for too long after my shower. This formula works to hydrate my skin while cleansing, but I still do like to moisturize after my shower. If you wanted to skip the moisturizer, you could use Lush's Ro's Argan in the shower, which has a very similar scent. These two products work amazingly together! 


Lush also makes Rose Jam Bubbleroon* (6.95 CAD) - "The Bubbleroon is our newest style of Bubble Bar inspired by delicious, handmade macaroons. Rose Jam is based on a decadent traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam that our Turkish rose absolute supplier shares with us every year, and is made with our sophisticated new rose perfume. Rose oil and rose absolute not only smell amazing but they are also fantastic for soothing dry, sensitive skin. The rosy fragrance paired with the coconut oil “icing” that sticks the two halves of this Bubbleroon together make for a majorly moisturizing, softening and luxurious soak." - Lush

Lush's Rose Jam Shower Gel is a limited edition product, and will only be available until Dec. 25 2013! Have you already picked this up, or is it on your wishlist? :)


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