Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sephora + Pantone Universe Light Flicker Mascara

I recently finished off my tube of Revlon's Lash Potion mascara, so I turned to my stash for a replacement. I decided on Sephora + Pantone Universe's Light Flicker Mascara* ($22 CAD, on sale for $11 CAD), and I've really been enjoying it! This is a limited edition product, and it is currently on sale.


"Add a pearly, holographic effect to your eyes with this volumizing mascara that promises dimension and dramatic impact. The rich color leaves an intense, shimmering finish and the flexible plastic waxes allow you to build your desired volume. The comb applicator separates and defines lashes while the strengthening formula thickens. Wear alone or over black mascara for added multi-dimensional beauty." - Sephora


This brush is quite large, and the bristles are very flexible. I have the shade Jet Black, and this mascara applies quite dark. I love mascaras that have a deep black colour, and are very volumizing. This mascara did a great job keeping my lashes curled, adding a bit of length, and a fair amount of volume. This formula also went on relatively clump-free, and didn't give me spider lashes. My mascara stayed on all day long without any smudging or flaking, which is always a bonus! This mascara does have a slightly shimmery finish, but it isn't too noticeable. I think it you were to try one of the blue shades in this formula you'd be able to better see the shimmer. 


Have you tried this Light Flicker Mascara from Sephora + Pantone Universe? I think it's a great buy, especially considering that it's now on sale for $11 CAD, that's almost the price of a drugstore mascara! What is your current go-to mascara? :)


  1. Very pretty!! :D Great review!

  2. Great review doll. Come and read my post its an important message thanks.

  3. Great review! I always have trouble finding mascara that will actually hold a curl because my lashes are short, sparse, and stick straight down. I just may try this mascara though - your lashes look fab!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely try out this formula, especially now that it's half price :)

  4. Wow, this looks beautiful on your lashes! :)

  5. I love the final results, gutted we don't have a Sephora over here! xx


    1. It's really a shame that they don't offer international shipping at the very least! :(


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