Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sephora + Pantone Universe Ombre Dual Lipstick Fire and Earth

Sephora has released two dual ended lipsticks in their Elemental Energy Collection with Patone Universe. Today I have their Ombre Dual Lipstick Fire and Earth in Cornsilk/Grenadine* ($26 CAD) to share with you! I haven't experimented with ombre lips before, so I was really excited to try out this product. 


"What it is: A coordinated double-ended lipstick inspired by the natural elements.

What it does: This deluxe, double-ended lipstick features a coordinated duo of glossy and shimmery formulas. Each color, texture, and finish is inspired by one of the four elements to create a harmonious lip look. The matte-shimmery shade allows for a layer of velvety color with sparkly finish while the glossy shade adds brilliant shine to highlight lips. The creamy, velvety texture glides easily onto lips so you can blend or layer shades for a multidimensional look." - Sephora



The packaging of this lipstick is really neat. When you press on one end, the opposite lip stick is released. The Grenadine shade is a beautiful red with orange undertones. This formula glides on so easily, and you are left with a glossy, opaque finish. I don't wear red lips a lot, but I actually really like how this shade looks on my lips!


Cornsilk is a shimmery gold that doesn't have a ton of colour payoff, but it does add a nice sheen and sparkle to your lips. I probably wouldn't wear Cornsilk on its' own. but I do like it over Grenadine. This shade glides on nicely as well, and you can't feel any grittiness due to the sparkle. 

Grenadine with Cornsilk over top 


Since Cornsilk is more of a shimmery, top coat shade, I did find it hard to make an ombre lip with this combo. I think the other duo in this line, Carnelian/Deep Claret, would be better suited for an ombre. Nevertheless, I do really like this combo. This formula is incredibly hyrdation, yet lasted on my lips for about 5 hours before I needed to reapply! 

These Ombre Dual Lipsticks are limited edition, so if you like what you see pick it up soon! Have you experimented with layering lipsticks, or ombre lips before? 


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