Thursday, 26 September 2013

Vichy Idéalia Life Serum

Vichy has recently launched a new skin care product, called Idéalia Life Serum* ($59 CAD/30ml). I've been trying this product out for the past few weeks, and I've really been enjoying it! I've really gotten into serums this past year, and this one is quite different than anything I've ever used.


"New scientific discovery: BEHAVIOURAL AGING- our daily behaviours and relationship with the environment have an impact in our skin aging process. Stress, pollution/smoke, UV-rays or an unbalanced diet impact different aspects of our skin quality: complexion colour, skin tone, facial features or skin texture.

Vichy introduces its exclusive correcting complex [LR2412+LHA], in a formula that helps repair in real time the damages of life excesses on the skin. For a spectacular transformation of the skin quality:
Fresh complexion
Even skin tone
Refined pores
Rested features" - Vichy


First off, how gorgeous is this bottle? It is made of heavy glass and Vichy says that it's unique shape features their emblematic V. I use this serum every morning after cleansing and toning. This formula is a light pale pink shade, but of course applies to an invisible finish. This serum does have a very light floral scent, which Vichy says is hypoallergenic. "Build on notes of greenhead and plant matter, based on sap and crushed green tea leaves, it develops around a heart of white flowers that gently release their perfume when massage: petals of jasmine, lily of the valley... A deep woody-musky finish completes this gentle, highly sensitive olfactory experience." I do know that a lot of people would prefer for their skin care to be fragrance free, but this scent is very light. 

Vichy's Idéalia Life Serum applies beautifully, and has a slightly thicker texture than other serums that I've used. This products sinks into the skin quickly, leaving my skin feeling velvety smooth. This serum doubles as a primer, and it definitely has a primer feel to it. One of my main skin issues is pore size, and I have noticed a difference in the size of my pores since I've started to use this serum. This product also adds a really nice, natural boost of radiance to my skin, making me appear to be well-rested.

If you're in the market for a new, high-end serum, definitely check out Vichy's Idéalia Life Serum. It landed in drugstores earlier this month, so you should be able to find it easily. The formulation of this serum feels quite rich and luxurious, and I absolutely love the pretty pink bottle on my vanity. Have you tried out Vichy's Idéalia Life Serum yet? What is your favourite serum of the moment?


  1. I've seen so much hype surrounding this serum! I need to try it out, great review!


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