Saturday, 19 October 2013

Essie Ignite the Night

Essie's new Encrusted Treasures Collection will be available November 2013, and today I have the shade Ignite the Night* ($9.95 CAD) to share with you! Essie describes this polish as a "sparkling hematite with a superfine matte finish."


Essie's Ignite the Night is one of those polishes that you can either wear as a glitter top coat over other polishes, or you can build it up and wear it on its' own. I'm wearing three coat's of Ignite the Night, without a top coat to keep the matte finish. As you can see in the pictures, there are still some areas where you can see through to my nail, but for the most part I was left with an opaque look. This polish is made up of various shades of grey glitter, and I love the matte yet glittery finish. Of course, you could always add a top coat if you aren't a fan of matte finishes. 


Essie's Ignite the Night dries very quickly, and to a slightly rough, granite-like texture. This polish does apply fairly thin, so even with three coats, it doesn't feel heavy or cakey. I need to experiment with Ignite the Night, using it as a glitter top coat. I think that this glitter would look amazing painted over a blue or purple polish, what do you think?

Are you excited about Essie's upcoming Encrusted Treasures collection? What do you think about Ignite the Night?


  1. this is really pretty! i do think it would love nice as a top coat and probably be easier to remove :)

    1. I agree, I definitely need to try it out! :)

  2. This shade is beautiful! I think it would look great over OPIs Russian Navy :)


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