Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Forever 21 Haul!

I recently placed an order from Forever 21, and I thought I'd share my new purchases with you! I really like shopping on Forever 21's online store because I find it easier to find what I like, compared to shopping in their always busy stores. Their Canadian shipping is also amazing, with free shipping on orders over $60, and my packages always arrive withing 2-3 days. I needed a few new sweaters for Fall and Winter, so here's what I picked up!

1. Cozy Leopard Sweater ($23.80) - This sweater has a thicker feel to it, and I absolutely love the leopard print. The grey and black colour scheme makes this sweater a bit more wearable, compared to a traditional leopard print.


2. Pink Love Cross Sweater - This sweater has a lighter feel to it, and is perfect for the beginnings of Fall. I actually wore this yesterday with jeans and boots, and I absolutely loved it! 


3. Robot Sweater - When I first saw this online, I knew that it had to be mine! This fabric is on the thicker side, and I love the geeky robot print. 


4. Vibrant Tribal Print Scarf ($11.80) - This scarf is beautiful, and it's long enough to wrap around your neck a few times. I love the lighter fabric that this scarf is made out of, and I've already worn it a few times!


5, Street-Chic Moto Jacket ($15.00) - I can't believe that this was only $15! I absolutely love the burgundy shade, and this jacket has such an amazing fit to it. If you come across this jacket, definitely pick it up and try it on :)


6. Floral Print High-Low Skirt ($13.99 on sale) - As you might know, I'm really into the high-low trend. I absolutely love this floral skirt, it's so girly and fun! I'll be posting an OOTD with me wearing this skirt very soon! :)


So that's everything that I picked up from Forever 21! Have you been doing any Fall shopping lately? What are your favourite stores to shop at? :)


  1. I love the hi-low skirt! :) xx

  2. I looove the robot sweater and the jacket! Gorgeous colour too.

    Frankie x

  3. I love that jacket and the scarf! :)

  4. oh love that jacket, may have to make an order myself! :) the robot sweater is so cute too.

  5. I saw this yesterday and didn't have time to comment. I love the leopard sweater!!

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish
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    1. Isn't it super cute?! I love it :)
      Great, I'll check it out now!


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