Thursday, 24 October 2013

John Frieda Precision Foam Color - 4BG

As you might know, I do colour my hair every 4-6 weeks. I'm naturally blonde, but lately I've been dyeing my hair a rich, deep brunette shade, and I love it! I've been trying out a few different hair dyes, to see which one I like the most. My most recent trial was on John Frieda's Precision Foam Color in the shade 4BG Dark Chocolate Brown*.



"The first premium, permanent foam hair colour from the John Frieda® Hair Care experts. Our groundbreaking non-drip foam spreads easily into your roots and those hard-to-reach places for exact, all over 100% grey coverage. You can achieve salon-precise professional coverage for flawless, natural-looking colour results in the comfort of your own home." - John Frieda

I have used a foam hair colour before, and I really like the way that it applies! You simply mix the dye in with the developer, shake it up, and then you squeeze the bottle for the foam to come out of the pump. This hair dye from John Frieda did have that traditional hair dye scent, but I didn't find it to be all that strong. The instruction booklet actually was really straightforward, and I appreciated the colour photos!



So, I followed the directions and applied this foam dye to my entire head of hair. I have very thick hair that is now a few inches past my shoulders. There was more than enough product in this bottle, so I think most girls will be fine if they pick up a single bottle. I left the dye on for 25 minutes, and then I washed it out. I loved how easily this dye washed out! I've used some hair dyes that were such a pain to wash out, but this one from John Frieda was a breeze. I then used the conditioner that came in the box, which is actually quite nice! I also really like that they included a large enough tube so that you can use it once a week for 4-5 weeks after colouring. 

Please excuse the photo quality, but this is what the foam looks like once applied!

I was really impressed by this hair dye! My hair was left with a rich, vibrant brunette shade that I really loved. I don't have any grey hairs, so I can't comment on its' ability to cover them up. I dyed my hair with this foam about 3 weeks ago now, and my colour is still vibrant. I like using their conditioner once a week to help keep my colour last as well. 

Have you tried out John Frieda's Precision Foam Color before? What is your favourite at-home hair colour? Or do you prefer visiting the salon? :)


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    1. I picked a shade that was similar to what my current hair was already! So there wasn't much of a change, just had to fix up my roots :)

  2. these products look so good! ;))
    great post
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