Monday, 14 October 2013

Lush Pumkin Bubble Bar

I'm a huge fan of Lush's bath products, but unfortunately in my house right now we don't have a bath, only a shower. Initially I thought that this meant that I had to miss out on all of Lush's lovely bath goodies, but this isn't the case at all! or all of you who are left without a bath tub, this post it for you! I've been getting creative with Lush's Pumkin Bubble Bar* ($5.95), which is a limited edition product from their Halloween lineup!


"This past Mother’s Day we invented an adorable, pink raspberry-scented bubbler called Mumkin. She was so popular that we’ve created Pumkin: her autumn counterpart to help us celebrate the arrival of fall! This mischievous little character has gotten into the Halloween candy early with a candy leaf and a licorice top, so be careful he doesn’t sneak into your candy stash when you’re not looking! Crumble into the tub to lavish yourself in mounds of cozy bubbles and soft, beautiful orange waters on a cool autumn night. The delicately-blended sweet and earthy aroma of orange flower absolute and ylang ylang oil softly perfumes the skin and leaves it feeling clean and fresh." - Lush 


If you did have a bath tub, you would simply break off a third or a half (depending on how large your tub is), and crumble the bubble bar under the stream of the water. This helps to create a ton of bubbles. However, if you're left using this bubble bar in the shower, I would recommend using it as an exfoliant. Pumkin works surprisingly well as an all over body exfoliant. I take a small piece of Pumkin, crumbling it in my hands, and adding a bit of water to make a paste. This bar contains 100g of product, and I can see myself getting at least 20 uses out of it! Pumkin is full of essential oils, so it actually works quite well and adding a boost of hydration into my skin. I assume that if this was used as a bubble bar, it would leave your skin feeling beautifully hydrated. This product is going to great going into the colder seasons, since it helps slough away dead skin cells (when used as a body scrub), while moisturizing the skin at the same time. Pumkin has a beautiful orange scent to it, which is slightly misleading since it looks like a pumpkin. I personally don't love pumpkin scents, so I'm quite happy that it's scented with orange and ylang ylang oil. This scent does linger on my skin for a few hours, which I really love. 

Have you ever experiment with different uses for Lush's products? I've also heard that you can use their bath bombs as emotibombs, and their bath melts as body butters. If you have any other creative uses, I would love for you to share them with me! :) Will you be picking up Lush's Pumkin in time for Halloween? 


  1. I like it its pretty festive.

  2. It's such a cute little thing, almost too cute to use up :o). Xx

  3. What a clever idea! But I am too excited to use mine in the bath... :P Maybe tonight!

    Also thanks for the tip on breaking up bath bombs!

    1. You could use have as a bubble bar and half as a scrub?
      No problem! :)

  4. I made the long trip to a lush on Sunday to try get this, sold out :-( I did however pick up a Halloween bath bomb and a snow fairy massage bar which I love.

    1. Oh no, that really sucks! :(
      Ooh I didn't know they had a Snow Fairy massage bar, I need to look into that! :)

  5. YAY this is so cute and I bet it smells wonderful! :D What a cool idea!! <3


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