Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Ruffled Feathers

Sally Hansen recently came out with 8 new designs in their New Empress Collection for their Salon Effects line. Today I have the Ruffled Feathers* ($9.95 CAD) design to share with you! I've used nail stickers before, but this is my first tim etrying out the Salon Effects line from Sally Hansen. These nail stickers are made from real nail polish. 



"Featuring rich hues of black and purple with hints of gold and cobalt, comes the new Salon Effects collection, New Empress. Inspired by Oriental floral embellishment, and origami-like folds, the new collection adds a feminine touch to nails this fall." - Sally Hansen


Sally Hansen's Salon Effects come with 16 nail polish strips in varying sizes. I did find that most of the polish strips were quite large, and I did have trouble finding strips small enough for my nails. However, you can use a size larger, and clean the excess product off of your skin. This box also comes with a wooden cuticle pusher, a nail file, and an instruction pamphlet. Start by removing all nail polish, and pushing back your cuticles. Then take a nail polish strip that best fits your nail. Each strip has a more square edge, and a rounded edge, so you can place the strip on whichever way best fits your natural nail shape. Once you pick the correct size, peel off the protective film, tear the polish strip from the backing, and press on to the nail. I then recommend using the flat edge of the cuticle pusher to help smooth out any lumps or bumps. Finally, file off the excess polish strip. I find this step to be the hardest, and I found that the nail file that they included wasn't rough enough to do this for all ten nails. 


I really like the Ruffled Feathers design, it has a nice glossy finish to it. Since this was my first time applying these Salon Effects, I didn't end up with a perfect application. I think that if I were to use these regularly, I would have much better results. Since these strips are made of real nail polish, you do need to use them up right after they are removed from the packaging, or else they will dry up. At almost $10 a pack, I do think that these polish strips are good for nights out or special occasions, but not for daily wear. Sally Hansen claims that these last for up to 10 days, I've had them on for three days now, and they still look exactly the same as when I first applied them!

Have you tried Sally Hansen's Salon Effects before? What do you think about the Ruffled Feathers design? :)


  1. Very pretty does it work on short nails?

    1. Yes they do! You just file off any excess product so that they fit your nails :)

  2. I have got to try these! I have like two packs (on from Essie) and just haven't found the time to apply .. (sigh).


    1. I really want to try out Essie's nail strips! I feel ya, I have a bunch of different designs, but I just never find the time to give them a try!

  3. I love the design of these! But I find these strips pretty hard to apply :(

    1. I agree! I think I need more practice working with them to get it just right!


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