Saturday, 9 November 2013

EcoTools Six Piece Day-to-Night Clutch Set

A year ago, I think I owned about 5 makeup brushes total, and I didn't love any of them. I then started to invest in brushes, and I realized that there are brushes on the market that don't shed like crazy, and won't leave your face full of hairs! I now have quite a few brushes, and I can definitely appreciate a quality brush. I've been curious about EcoTools' brushes, and I've been trying out their Six Piece Day-to-Night Clutch Set* ($25.99 CDN). I only use makeup brushes with synthetic bristles, since I don't think it's at all necessary to use animal hair. I was really happy to see that EcoTools not only uses cruelty-free bristles, but their materials are both renewable and recyclable. 

"For uneven spots, touch up with the pointed concealer brush and the round powder brush.Perfect your pout with the detailed lip/liner brush. Blend out creases with the stay-there shadow brush. Finish with the smudge brush to create a smoky eye perfect for a night out!" - EcoTools

EcoTools Six Piece Day-to-Night Clutch Set comes with 5 brushes packaged in a cute brown and gold clutch. The brushes included are the Pointed Concealer Brush, Round Powder Brush, Flat Stay-There Shadow Brush, Smudge Brush, and the Detailed Lip/Liner Brush. All of the brushes have sustainable bamboo handles, recyclable aluminum ferrules, and soft cruelty-free bristles. These brushes are very soft, and they feel really nice on your skin. I've been loving the Round Powder Brush for applying setting powder and bronzer. The Flat Stay-There Shadow Brush is great for packing on shadow, I really love it! I've been using the Detailed Lip/Liner Brush to apply OCC's Lip Tars, and it works really well for that purpose. You can of course also use this brush to help applying lip sticks as well. I don't actually use the Pointed Concealer Brush with concealer, I find that it works well to apply an inner corner highlight. 

For $26, I think that this set is a great deal! This set would be great for beginners, wanting to get some great basics, but I also think that anyone would benefit from this set. I haven't experienced any shedding at all with any of these brushes, which is great! I love that the bristles are synthetic but they still feel very soft and wash well.

Have you tried any of EcoTools' brushes? I think that this Six Piece Day-to-Night Clutch Set would make a great gift for the upcoming holiday season, or just a great treat for yourself. What are you favourite makeup brushes? :)


  1. I love EcoTools brushes! Definitely one of my favorite brands for brushes. And that clutch is quite cute! :D

  2. I've been really wanting to try EcoTools. I love how eco-friendly they are! And the bag is cute.

    1. You should definitely try them out! I'm really impressed :)

  3. I've been really curious about these brushes! Glad to know you like them :)


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