Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fake Bake Tanning Butter

My skin tends to get quite dry in the Winter months, so I'm always looking for products that are hydrating this time of year! Fake Bake's Tanning Butter* ($20.99/4oz.) is a nice new take on the traditional self tanners on the market, since the formula is incredibly creamy and hydrating. 

"Now you can Butter - your -Body - Bronze!" Allows you to build a beautiful tan using the softest shea butter ingredients available! Light enough to use daily to build on top of the tan you already have. Can also be used as your daily moisturizer with it's light weight texture offering a velvety softness to skin while providing a sheer bronze color!

"Buttery Benefits" GREAT FOR DRY SKIN
- Vitamins and E serve as anti-free radical agents, aiding in preventing the harmful effects of sun and environmental exposure.
- Whipped soft texture contains two new "light weight" tanning agents

Tanning Butter size (113/g 4oz)" - Fake Bake

Fake Bake's Tanning Butter comes packaged in a 4oz tub along with two gloves to assist in application. I like to self-tan after I shower and exfoliate, and my skin can feel quite dry at that time. This fake tan has the consistency of a body butter, but provides an amazing amount of colour. I use the gloves to apply this tanning butter, which allows my hands to be streak free. However, I've found that if you leave these gloves on then you can clearly see where the tan stops on your wrists. So, after I've tanned my entire body, I quickly put the tanner on my hands and rinse off my palms. This formula feels really great on my skin, and I definitely feel like I can skip the regular body butter afterwards. The colour that this tanner gives my skin is absolutely beautiful, it looks very natural and realistic. This product does have a bit of a scent to it, but it isn't very strong like most tanners. I find that using Fake Bake's Tanning Butter twice a week is enough to maintain a beautiful colour. 

Fake Bake has also removed parabens from all of their products, which I think is amazing! If you have drier skin but still like to maintain a Summer glow year round, I highly recommend checking out Fake Bake's Tanning Butter. I love how this body butter feels on my skin, and the colour is beautiful. Even though I'm wearing a ton of long-sleeve sweaters and jeans all Winter long, I still love having some colour to my skin. Have you tried any products from Fake Bake before? I would love to know what your favourite products from the brand are! :)


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