Friday, 15 November 2013

Lush Bombardino

Today I have another item from Lush's Christmas lineup to share with you - Bombardino* ($5.25/90g). This little bath bomb is inspired by an Italian drink, which I've never tried but Bombardino smells delicious! Lush is really hitting it out of the park this Christmas with all of their incredibly cute bath products. Bombardino even has dairy free chocolate chips as eyes!

"Inspired by a hot apr├Ęs-ski drink enjoyed in the ski resorts of the Italian Alps, Bombardino makes the perfect treat to enjoy after a long day on the slopes, or an exhausting day spent holiday shopping. Sicilian lemon oil and vanilla absolute combine beautifully to create an uplifting and comforting lemon-cheesecake aroma, and bits of cocoa butter from his whipped hat melt into the bath water to soften up winter skin. Just like a late afternoon refreshment, Bombardino is perfect for warming up on a chilly winter’s day and getting re-energized for the evening’s festivities!" - Lush

I used Lush's Bombardino as an emotibomb, but it's traditionally used as a bath bomb. You just drop this little guy into a bath full of water, and watch it fizz. Bombardino slowly fizzes away, and it turns your bath water a pale yellow shade. The top white part of Bombardino almost foams up, it's really neat. This bath bomb is for anyone who loves bakery scents, as this smells very sweet, with a hint of lemon. Cocoa butter is one of the main ingredients in this bath bomb, so it's really going to help hydrate your skin. There's also radiant gold lustre in the ingredients, which will leave your skin with a nice sheen. I didn't find that this left any residue in my shower. This is one of Lush's smaller bath bombs, and it would be pretty hard to cut in half, so you would have to use the whole thing for one bath. This is a pricier bath bomb from Lush when you look at the cost per grams, but I think that it smells delicious, and it's just so cute it's hard to resist!

If you love bakery scents, you need to check out Lush's Bombardino! I wish that this scent was available in the permanent line from Lush, because I would definitely purchase it year-round. Have you picked up any of Lush's Christmas items yet? 


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