Monday, 4 November 2013

Lush Into Thin Air

I've recently gotten back into using Lush's massage bars, and one of my current favourites is Into Thin Air ($10.95 CAD), which is a Retro item, meaning it can only be bought online. I've been using Lush's massage bars for years, they're actually one of the first products I ever bought from Lush! I just finished a bar of Each Peach, and now I'm using Into Thin Air.

"We invented this one for massaging into lumpy, bumpy skin. The layer of green mung beans work like little fingertips to stimulate your backside, while invigorating fennel and cypress oils tone and revitalize dry skin. Once you've given yourself a refreshing massage with Into Thin Air you'll feel so energized you'll want to go for a five-mile run (which wouldn't be too bad for toning your legs either)." - Lush


Into Thin Air is a great massage bar because it has green mung beans on one side that work extremely well to massage your skin. If you don't have a partner to give you a massage, this one is a great option! I use the bumpy side on any areas where I want a bit of a massage, and the opposite, flat side, when I just was the lotion. Lush says that this massage bar works well to combat cellulite, but I can't comment on that claim since I don't have any cellulite. This bar smells like fennel and cypress, which is quite nice and somewhat earthy. I find that Into Thin Air isn't the most hydrating massage bar from Lush that I've used, but that makes it a great option to use in the mornings. You won't have to wait for the oils to sink into your skin, and you can get dressed almost right away. This formula still does leave me skin feeling soft, moisturized, and lightly scented.

Have you tried any of Lush's massage bars before? I really love how the mung beans in this bar give you a massage, it's really cool! The next time you're placing an online order from Lush, I definitely recommend giving Into Thin Air a try. I also really love Each Peach, Wiccy Magic Muscles, and Strawberry Feels Forever! :) 


  1. this looks so strange but sounds like it works really well!

    1. It does looks really weird! But I promise it works great!

  2. I haven't try them before, but I will def give them a try! Thank you for sharing!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I hope to see you back soon! I will def visit yours again! <3

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    1. Thank you! You should definitely try them out, I love them ::)

  3. Great review! :D
    I've only tried two of their massage bars so far: Heavanilli (I bought this the first time I got any of their products, and it smells so good! :D) and Wiccy (my favourite!! OMG CHRISTMAS!)

    1. Thank you! Their massage bars are amazing, I've been reaching for them a lot lately! :)


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