Sunday, 1 December 2013

Boxx Cosmetics Bronzer - Kala

As I mentioned yesterday in my November Favourites post, I have been absolutely loving Boxx Cosmetics' Bronzer in the shade Kala ($22/4.5g). Boxx Cosmetics' products come with a a magnetic backing so you can keep them in something like a Z Palette. Boxx Cosmetics is a Canadian company, located in Toronto Ontario. The bronzer in the shade Kala is fairly light, and it does have some shimmer in the formula. 

"Features and Specific Benefits: boxx’s unique and original line-up of bronzers allows you to find a shade that truly creates a natural bronzed look. Use alone, or mix shades to find your perfect match. Fake tans and and orange skin are a thing of the past! The highly pigmented translucent base allows for a sheer natural finish. The base also includes several high-performance light diffusing pigments and micro-sponges that create a subtle glow while keeping complexion matte.

Key Ingredients: A porous spherical mineral-based bead helps the product glide effortlessly onto the skin. Once applied, these beads act as Micro-sponges and absorb excess oils helping to keep skin matte and flawless. Nylon and boron nitride create a soft-focus effect, scattering light in an irregular pattern; the result – fine lines, blemishes and skin imperfections are diffused and camouflaged." - Boxx Cosmetics

I really like to use Boxx Cosmetics' Bronzer in Kala all over my face, to add a bit of colour. I don't use this bronzer to contour, as it is such a light and shimmer shade. I think that Kala would be too light for anyone with medium to dark skin tones, but Boxx Cosmetics does have darker bronzers available. I like to use a powder brush to apply a light layer of this bronzer all over my face. I then use NARS' Laguna to contour my cheekbones. The shimmer in Kala isn't very noticeable once it's applied to your face, and I don't think that it makes me look shiny at all. If anything, the shimmer adds a really nice glow to my skin. 

Have you tried any products from Boxx Cosmetics before? I would love to know if you have, and your thoughts on the brand! If you're light skinned, I highly recommend trying out this bronzer to add a nice glow to your skin. This is the perfect bronzer for the colder months, as my skin is a lot lighter this time of year. What bronzer have you been using lately?


  1. I used to have an addiction to bronzer and used far too much. Looking back I was a bit Orange haha. This looks nice though, not too dark but still a nice splash of colour xx

    1. Oh no! It is very easy to overdo it with bronzer, but this one is really light and just adds a nice subtle wash of colour :)

  2. This looks really light and pretty! :)


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