Saturday, 28 December 2013

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Clear Up Cleansing Gel

I've been trying out a new cleanser over the past month, and it's about time that I share my thoughts on it with you! Laboratoire Dr Renaud's Clear Up Cleansing Gel* ($28.95/200ml) is formulated to work on acne prone skin, to help reduce shine and oils, and to heal and prevent breakouts. I do have acne prone skin, but I'm happy to say that my skin has significantly improved over the past year. Now I do still get the random breakout, so I do still like to use products for acne prone skin. 

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Clear Up Cleansing Gel

"Epidermal cleanser formulated without aggressive surfactants (soap, sulfates), fat or synthetic perfume, using very gentle foaming agents. Presented in the form of a fresh foaming gel, it was specifically created for acne skin.
  • deeply cleanses the skin while respecting its integrity
  • helps clear acne pimples 
  • helps skin to heal 
  • and gives it an intense sensation of purity and freshness" - Laboratoire Dr Renaud
Laboratoire Dr Renaud Clear Up Cleansing Gel

This cleanser from Laboratoire Dr Renaud comes packaged in a white tube, and I've been keeping it at my bathroom sink. I've been using this cleanser every morning in conjunction with my Clarisonic, and I really love this combination. This gel formula doesn't foam up too much, and I don't find that it dries out my skin. I do find that whenever I use this cleanser on its' own (without my Clarisonic), it can sting my eyes. If you have very sensitive eyes like I do, just be aware of that, and try to keep the product away from your eye area. I've found that this cleanser has helped control oils, without stripping my skin completely. After I cleanse my face with this gel my face feels clean and refreshed, but not squeaky clean. I do find that any breakouts that I do have tend to heal quicker, but I've been using some other acne-fighting products in conjunction with this cleanser. 

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Clear Up Cleansing Gel

Overall I've been impressed with this gel cleanser! I really love how it works with my Clarisonic, but it also works well on it's own. If you have oily or acne prone skin, I do recommend checking out this cleanser. I don't know that it would clear up cystic acne, but it does work well on mild breakouts. What are your favourite acne-fighting cleansers? :)

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