Sunday, 8 December 2013

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Pure Kronoxyl Lips & Contour

Every year when the weather starts getting colder, my lips completely freak out. About a month ago, my lips were quite dry, and they were chapped and peeling. I started using Laboratoire Dr Renaud's Pure Kronoxyl Lips & Contour* ($50.95 CAD/10ml), and my lips feel incredible! I cannot believe the difference that this product has made for my lips!

"A true protecting, repair and anti-ageing treatment. It not only reduces ageing signs, but it also repairs the most damaged lips and protects them against the harmful effects of the environment and the climate.
  • anti-wrinkle, re-defining and smoothing action of the lip contour 
  • plumping action on lips 
  • repair and protecting action
  • preventive anti-ageing action
The success of the Pure Anti-Ageing Lips & Contour home treatment lies on the regular twice-a-day use of the product as a cure, for approximately 30 days. Morning and evening, apply one drop (1 pump) of the product to the lips and lip contour. Massage in gently in circular motions. Wait a few minutes before applying lipstick." - Laboratoire Dr Renaud

I've been apply about a half of a pump of this cream onto my lips every single morning and night for the past 3 weeks. I find that a full pump is too much product, and since this is a pricey product, you don't want to waste any! I tap the cream into my lips, and it absorbs fully in about 5 minutes. I'll then apply either a lip balm or a lipstick. This cream doesn't have very much of a scent to it, and it doesn't add any colour to your lips. 

As I said earlier, my lips used to be very chapped, dry, and they would peel. I noticed a difference after just one week of using this product from Laboratoire Dr Renaud! Now, my lips are smooth, plump, and they feel great. There are very few things that I hate more than peeling lips, so I'm so happy to have found this product! I don't really have any wrinkles around my lips, so I can't comment on how this product helps with that issue. This product comes packaged in a sleek silver tube with a pump, so the product is very sanitary. 

I am truly amazed by this product! If you suffer from dry and chapped lips, and you are ready to invest in a great treatment that is going to work, I highly recommend trying Laboratoire Dr Renaud's Pure Kronoxyl Lips & Contour. This product has completely transformed my lips, and I know that it's going to be what I reach for every Winter season when my lips get dry. Have you tried this product before? What do you use to keep your lips looking and feeling great?


  1. wow, this sounds incredible! I'll need to check this out :)

  2. Oooh, I love hearing about new lip thingies, since my lips are always dry and peeling no matter what. Thank you for the review!!

    1. This product works wonders for dry and peeling lips! :)


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