Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lush Gold FUN

This Christmas season, Lush has released a limited edition Gold FUN* ($6.95 CAD/250g)! Lush has a range of different colours of FUN, which is essentially a soap that can be molded like play do. Gold FUN has a wonderful toffee scent that is just perfect for the holiday season.

"Have your bath and play with it too! We’ve created a very special limited-edition version of FUN, our multipurpose shampoo, soap, bubble bath and moldable toy just for this holiday season. We started with our best-selling honey-toffee fragrance to give it an incredibly delicious aroma, then we added a luxurious gold luster! Resist the urge to take a bite of this sweet roll, despite how scrumptious it smells. Instead, we recommend you mold it into some fancy jewelry or a gold medal, then smush it under running water to get a tub full of soft, sweet caramel-scented bubbles. Delectable!" - Lush

Lush's FUN comes packaged in a biodegradable cellophane wrapper, and the product itself  is shaped like a log. FUN has many different uses: soap, bubble bar, shampoo, play do, and I've even heard of people using it as a laundry detergent! I primarily use this as a soap, and you can use it like you would a bar of soap, or you can crumble it into a loofah for more bubbles. Gold FUN smells incredible - if you love sweet, toffee scents, then you need to check this out! This formula even has a tiny hint of shimmer in it, which I really love! I don't find that shimmer is overly noticeable after I get out of the shower, but it might stick on your skin or tub if you used this as a bubble bar. I also find that the gold formula is softer than the other colours of FUN that I've tried, and I really like it this way! I actually feel like this formula works to hydrate my skin, and it doesn't leave my skin with that soapy squeaky clean feeling. 

If you're a fan of Lush's permanent FUN formula, or you love very sweet scents, you need to try out Gold FUN! I do recommend keeping this in a soap dish or out of the stream of your shower, because if it gets wet it will turn very soggy. Have you picked up Lush's Gold FUN? What items from Lush's Christmas Collection have you been loving? :)


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