Sunday, 22 December 2013

Lush Veganese

I've used a few of Lush's hair care items over the years, but I haven't tried too many of their conditioners. I've recently started trying out their Veganese Conditioner* ($9.95 CDN/100ml), which leaves out the lanolin. Agar seaweed gel is used in place of the lanolin, but this conditioner can be used by anyone, not just by vegans. 

"Vegans and fine haired folks around the world rejoice! Veganese is our lightest, conditioner that takes hair without volume and makes it go va-va-VOOM! The majority of LUSH products are vegan, but making a vegan conditioner without lanolin took us a few years to perfect. It was worth the wait. We use agar seaweed gel as a natural hair softener instead of lanolin, and blend in generous helpings of lemon oil to create the perfect vegan conditioner to leave you with tons of gloss and shine. We also added in the scalp soothing effects of lavender and rosemary to keep you sorted on top." - Lush

This formula is on the thinner side, and since my hair is very thick and dry I was initially slightly skeptical of this conditioner. I shampooed my hair as normal, wrung out the excess water, and added in Lush's Veganese. This formula is thinner than other conditioners that I typically reach for. I concentrated the product on my ends and from my ears down. I left the conditioner on for about 3 minutes, while I cleansed and exfoliated my body in the shower. I then rinsed out Veganese, and added my usual styling products. In the shower, I didn't feel like Veganese was doing anything special to my hair, and I thought that my hair would end up feeling very dry. However, I couldn't be more wrong! Veganese has succeeded at conditioning and hydrating my dry locks, and it even adds a healthy dose of shine to my hair. This product has a nice fresh scent that is also slightly herbal (probably due the rosmary). I don't find that the scent lingers in my hair after rinsing out the conditioner though.

I was really happily surprised to find that this lightweight conditioner from Lush was able to work well in my thick hair! I think that this conditioner would be amazing for anyone with fine hair, but it's also great on thicker hair types. I love that this product is vegan, and I'm always wanting to try out Lush's Big Solid Conditioner, which is also vegan. Have you tried Lush's Veganese before? :)


  1. My sister would love this! I might pop this into her stocking :)

    1. The 100ml size is so perfect for stockings! :)

  2. I picked this up a month or two ago when I wanted something to use with a Lush shampoo and have been quite pleased with the results too.



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