Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Chloe Roses De Chloé Eau du Toilette

As you might know, I've become a total perfume addict over the past year. The latest addition to my perfume collection has been Chloe's Roses De Chloé Eau du Toilette* ($85 CAD/1.7 oz). This is a new scent to the Chloe brand, and it's received a fair amount of hype in the beauty world lately. I absolutely love L'Eau de Chloé (reviewed here), so I was really excited for this new fragrance from the brand.

"Roses de Chloé is an invitation to grace. Luminous and subtle, it inspires and evokes a unique facet of the signature Chloé rose, capturing the spirit of the Chloé woman. The fragrance exudes an immediate and incredible freshness, derived from the top note bergamot. This sensation is gradually joined by a heart of Damascena rose essence, modernized with a magnolia accord. The trail on the skin is of white musk and amber, the signature base of the Chloé house.
Notes: Fresh cut roses, Bergamot, Rose essence, Magnolia Accord, White musk, Amber.
Style: Floral. Delicate. Luminous." - Sephora

Once again, Chloe has outdone themselves with this beautiful bottle! The perfume itself has a rosey pink hue to it, and the ribbon around the lid is a flush colour. This bottle is super feminine, and I think that it would look adorable on anyone's vanity. The scent of this perfume is a beautiful floral fragrance mixed with a hint of white musk and amber. I find that this is a very feminine scent, and it would be perfect to wear on a date. I've been reaching for this scent during the day, and at night - it's quite a versatile fragrance. I use one spray on my wrists and one spray on my chest, and that gives the perfect amount of scent payoff. Being an EDT (and not an EDP), I find that the lasting power of this scent isn't incredible, but it still does last for about 5 hours before fading away. 

If you love floral fragrances, you need to give this new scent from Chloe a sniff. I used to always stray away from floral scents, but over the past year I've completely fallen in love with floral notes! It's funny how our scent preferences can change over the years. Have you tried Chloe's Roses De Chloé Eau du Toilette yet? What is your current go-to fragrance? :)

Sidenote: When I first got my kitten the "breeder" (he was a farm cat) told me that the kitten was a girl. I decided on the name Chloe, and that was my cats' name for the first two months. However, it eventually became clear that my cat was in fact not a girl, so I had to change the name. Now my baby boys' name is Oliver, and my boyfriend still teases me whenever the name Chloe comes up!


  1. This perfume smells a little strong to me. You should try gucci's floral series :)

  2. I smelled this and loved it. But I have a lot of perfume and it is expensive, so jealous you got sent it for review though. I am obsessed with anything rose these days!

    1. I also love anything rose scented! But yes, perfume is quite pricey and you don't need a ton of it!


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