Friday, 17 January 2014

Dynamite Spring 2014 Collection

Today I thought I'd share with you the press release for Dynamite's Spring 2014 Collection! Dynamite is one of my favourite clothing stores, and I'm loving a lot of pieces from this new lineup. Their online store has incredibly quick shipping, and they're always running great deals! I've included pictures of some of my favourites from the Spring 2014 Collection at the end of this post.

"Dynamite is proud to announce the official launch of its Spring 2014 collection. This season, transparency, neutral and pale colors, and the subtle unveiling of silhouettes become the highlights of our fabrics and collections.

The Dynamite design team was inspired by runway and global trends that depict women in a natural and pure way. The Spring 2014 campaign photoshoot is about confidence, independence and escape. Taking a step back to reflect on what tomorrow may bring and enjoying the vastness of the desert hint at a desire for evolution and escape to a pure environment, where time no longer exists.

The Spring collection presents the contrast of both fitted and loose, flowing clothing as an overarching theme for the season. The pairing of these two extremes, such as fluid pants and a fitted and sheer knit top, becomes the season’s iconic style. To balance the form-hugging and fluid outfit, our structured over-pieces, such as the outdoor jacket, become an important part of the collection. Moreover, lengths are redefined as skirts and dresses are now worn below the knee, a length referred to as the midi length. Lastly, high-waisted denim worn with a classic white poplin shirt pays tribute to the top models of the 90's. By its utter simplicity, this look follows the trend of fitted and fluid fits.

The range of color found in the Spring 2014 collection is reminiscent of nature through its shades of beige and blue. The neutrality of these shades gives way to both textured and subtly transparent, ultra fine fabrics. The colors of black and white also continue to represent an important part of the collection. Geometric, floral and colorful prints adorn this season's key pieces."

Are you as excited as I am or Dynamite's Spring 2014 Collection? Which Spring Collections are you looking forward to most? :)


  1. Dynamite is one of my favourite stores for work clothes. I love their pants! And their blouses too.

    1. I love their dresses, skirts, and sweaters! :)

  2. SO excited for the new collection! Actually wearing all Dynamite clothes as I am writing this haha :) x

    1. Aha that's so funny! I'm so excited to see this collection in person! :)


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