Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Garnier Dark Spot Treatment Mask

I've recently discovered my love for sheet masks, and I've been really curious about Garnier's Dark Spot Treatment Mask* ($19.99 CAD/6 masks). I don't personally have dark spots on my face, but I absolutely love the claims behind this mask. Even if you don't have dark spots, vitamin C is incredible for your skin! 

"The skincare tissue mask phenomenon has arrived in Canada. Each Garnier Dark Spot mask is enriched with nourishing vitamin C to fade the look of dark spots, as well as half a bottle (15 mL) of powerful, moisturizing serum to instantly boost radiance and deeply hydrate." - Garnier

This face mask has all of the liquids and vitamins soaked onto a piece of fabric, which you then put on your face for 10-15 minutes. I really like that this sheet mask has a slit in the cheek area, so that you can really stretch it to fit your face perfectly. There are cutouts for the eyes, nose, and mouth. I won't include a picture of myself wearing the mask, I don't want to scare you! These masks aren't pretty to wear, but I absolutely love the results that they bring to my skin. Garnier's Dark Spot Treatment Mask feels quite cold when first applied, so this would be a great option to use first thing in the morning to get you going! I leave this mask on for about 15 minutes, remove, and then rub in the remaining products. This mask is very hydrating, but it isn't the most hydrating sheet mask that I've tried. This mask claims to deeply hydrate, boost radiance, and smooth & revitalize skin. I think that this face mask ticks all of those boxes! I love how fresh and radiant my skin looks after using this mask, and the effects do stick around. 

This mask doesn't completely dry on the face, so I highly recommend getting your moneys worth out of this mask by applying the leftover product on the back of your hands - where aging and dark spots tend to show up first! Overall, I really love the natural glow that this mask brings to my skin, and I find sheet masks to be extremely pampering to apply (even though they don't look glamorous). Have you tried Garnier's Dark Spot Treatment Mask yet? Are you a fan of sheet masks, or do you prefer traditional liquid masks instead?


  1. I had one of these masks, and it was unfortunately destroyed in a freak dog-related accident. Blah. But I've only heard good things...maybe if I'm ever feeling compelled to buy more sheet masks, I'll go for this instead of a South Korean alternative!

    Kalyn @ The Scenic Route

    1. Oh no, that sucks!! Give it another try in the future :)

  2. Ooo, I like this .. will have to see if I can pick one (or two) up! Although I haven't seen these in the states yet .. will keep an eye out.


  3. We love all masks!! This one was really nice!! And you are so right about using the rest of the product on the back of your hands.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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