Friday, 10 January 2014

Institut Esthederm Beauty Hand Cream

As I've mentioned many times before, I become addicted to hand creams in the colder months. My latest addiction has been to Institut Esthederm's Beauty Hand Cream* ($40 CAD/50ml), which is a luxurious formula that leaves my hands feeling velvety smooth. 

"Hands are a very specific part of the body: more vulnerable and exposed to a variety of harmful factors they are constantly in demand. That is why they require proper treatment; a daily cream that protects them from harmful external factors and pampers damaged skin.
The Beauty Hand Cream moisturizes, nourishes and preserves the youthfulness of the hands." - Institut Esthderm

My hands do get very, very dry in the Winter months, as I assume most of my fellow Canadians can sympathize with. These harsh Winters wreak havoc on my skin, and I try to protect my hands as much as possible. Institut Esthederm's Beauty Hand Cream comes packaged in a little red tube containing 50ml of product. This size is perfect for popping into your purse, or keeping or your nightstand. The product itself is a white cream with a medium thickness. I use a pea sized amount to cover both of my hands, and let me tell you - this hand cream leaves my hands feeling like no other! My skin feels incredibly velvety smooth, hydrated, and plump. The velvety finish lasts for about 5 hours, and even through a few hand washes! This cream sinks in quickly, and it doesn't leave your skin with a greasy residue. 

Your hands are one of the first areas that starts to show signs of aging, so the regular use of a good hand cream is so important. If you're looking to invest in a high quality hand cream that leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated, I highly recommend checking out Institut Esthederm's Beauty Hand Cream. Have you tried this formula before? What is your favourite hand cream formula?


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