Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Body Shop Blusher Brush

I've always been interested in The Body Shop's brushes, as every time I'm in a store I feel the bristles and I'm always super impressed! I love that all of their brushes are made with synthetic bristles, as that's all I'll use. I've been trying out their Blusher Brush* ($24 CAD), which is quite a bit different from the traditional blush brushes that I'm used to using. 

"BEST IF YOU WANT: An indispensable, soft-bristle makeup brush that is just the right size for applying blushers and bronzers. How it works:
  • Super-soft synthetic hairs are long-lasting and specially cut to be extra gentle on delicate face skin.
  • Wide, flat tapered head is ideal for applying and blending powder formulations.
  • Slightly tapered handle makes the brush easy to hold and use for controlled, precise applications." - The Body Shop 

The Body Shop's Blusher Brush has a wide, tapered head, as opposed to the traditional blush brush shape. At first I was skeptical of this brush, as it does look like a thicker version of a foundation brush. However, I've been using it and loving it! I really like the handle on this brush, as it's tapered and easy to hold. I've absolutely loved using this brush with NARS' Sin, which I've had trouble applying in the past. With traditional blush brushes, I've found that Sin applies a bit splotchy, but this brush from The Body Shop applies it effortlessly and beautifully! I don't love using this brush with my blushes that are a bit drier in consistency (like Tarte's Amazonian Clay blushes), as it just doesn't pick up the product nicely. However, this brush is amazing to use with blushes that are silky and smooth. The shape of the brush applies blush nicely onto my cheeks, and I find that it helps to apply a nice amount of product without going overboard (hello clown cheeks!). 

Overall, I do really love this brush for applying certain blushes, but I don't find that it works well with all blushes. I do like that this blush brush has a different shape than the other blush brushes in my collection, as diversity is always great! Have you tried any brushes from The Body Shop? Their bristles are incredibly soft, and they feel great on your skin while applying product. What are your favourite brushes to apply blush? :)


  1. I've had this brush for a few years now, I got it way back when I first started wearing makeup! I now very rarely reach for it. I think I am just no longer a fan of the shape - I much prefer round brushes for blush now! I have to agree with you about its softness, you can't beat it! :) x


    1. I still prefer the shape of my other blush brushes, but I just love how soft this one is, and it works wonderfully with some of my trickier to apply blushes! :)

  2. I've got their kabuki brush for mineral foundation and it's perfect! The bristles are soft but so densely packed that this brush does a perfect job applying all kinds of powder foundations.

    1. Oohh it sounds great! I'll need to check it out :)


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