Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tiffany Designs the Ultimate Gift of Romance - Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and who wouldn't want to receive a Tiffany blue box on this special day? Tiffany & Co. have created a beautiful collection for Valentine's Day 2014, and I wanted to share these amazing pieces with you!

"Tiffany & Co., the jeweller for life’s most important moments, creates the perfect Valentines of legendary style, handcrafted with over 175 years of design excellence.

Tiffany designers shape a wide bangle featuring a 74.27-carat oval morganite, named after the financier and Tiffany patron J.P. Morgan. A gem of such size, quality and saturated colour is a rare occurrence and reflects Tiffany’s heritage of acquiring the finest stones. The dazzling masterpiece is lined with 18K rose gold that shimmers through an overlay of diamonds and platinum in an intricate leaf motif.

Morganite and Diamond Bangle in 18k rose gold and platinum, $165,000 CDN

Tiffany Enchant Pendant in Rubedo™ metal, $1,050 CDN

The heart is the universal symbol of love. Tiffany defines it in the most elegant ways, such as heart-shaped earrings from the Tiffany Enchant™ collection inspired by fanciful gates that surround sumptuous gardens and grand estates. The earrings are created with luminous and rosy Rubedo® metal, Tiffany’s latest innovation in a legacy that set the American standard for sterling silver in 1851 and platinum in 1926.

Tiffany Enchant Heart Earrings in Rubedo™ metal, $495 CDN

The Tiffany Enchant™ collection also includes a scroll pendant in Rubedo® metal. With its radiant glow, the metal recalls the opulence of formal gardens and reflects the poetic spirit that flourishes in such beautiful settings.

Each brilliant Tiffany Valentine is presented in the Tiffany Blue Box®, the ultimate symbol of style and luxury that makes hearts beat faster the world over.

TIFFANY & CO., TIFFANY, T&CO., TIFFANY ENCHANT, RUBEDO and the TIFFANY BLUE BOX are trademarks of Tiffany and Company and its affiliates."

So, what do you think about these pieces? I absolutely love those Heart Earrings! And that bangle is just gorgeous - a girl can dream, right? It's no surprise, I would love to receive a Tiffany Blue box this Valentine's Day. Have you dropped any hints to your significant other as to what you would like for the upcoming holiday? :)


  1. Oh my gosh those heart earrings are the absolute cutest.

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