Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Nicole by OPI Lips Are Dripping Honey

I'm back again with another shade from Nicole by OPI's Carrie Underwood Collection! Lips Are Dripping Honey* ($10.99 CAD) is a glitter polish that I decided to layer over top of Nicole by OPI's American As Apple Pie (reviewed here). This is definitely a glitter polish that you'll want to layer over a more pigmented polish, as I don't think you'll ever be able to make this glitter opaque.

Nicole by OPI's Lips Are Dripping Honey consists of medium sized golden hex glitter pieces and smaller circular glitter pieces suspended in a clear base. The glitter pieces have an almost holographic effect to them, which really brings more life to this glitter. I found it really easy to get the glitters onto my nails, and each nail had about the same number of glitter pieces. No fishing around in the bottle required here! 

I decided to layer Nicole by OPI's Lips Are Dripping Honey over American As Apple Pie, a cherry red shade. However, you could layer this glitter over so many different polishes - it's really one that you can get creative with. I always love the way that gold and red look together though, so this combination is perfect for me! You could wear  Lips Are Dripping Honey on an accent nail, or on all nails as I've done. I'm wearing one coat of Lips Are Dripping Honey, but you could get a slightly denser look with two coats.

Are you a fan of layering glitter polishes over cream formulas? What would you layer Nicole by OPI's Lips Are Dripping Honey over top of? :)


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