Friday, 9 May 2014

Lush Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and Lush has some perfect gift ideas! Today I have three items from their Mother's Day 2014 Collection, all of which would excite the spa-loving mom. Or, you can treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath!

Lush Mother's Day 2014

Lush Rose Bubble Bar

Rose Bubble Bar* ($4.95/48g) 

"Blended into the beautiful pink and white swirls of this bar is the fresh lemon and rose scent of our classic Amandopondo Bubble Bar. With fair trade, organic cocoa butter, and a gorgeous glimmer mixed in, Rose will create a luxurious, fluffy, skin-softening soak. Made with a new formula which condenses the mixture, allowing one bar to break in half for two fragrant, bubbling baths."

Lush The Mum Reusable Bubble Bar

"April showers bring May flowers, or in this case, bubble wand flowers! This year the beautiful, bubbly blossom is blessed with our mouth-watering Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance. It’s sweet as toffee, soft on the skin and produces mass amounts of scrumptious bubbles. Simply swish The Mum around your tub for an (almost) endless pile of fluffy bubbles, set aside and sink in for a long, comforting soak."

Lush Wonder Woohoo

"This sparkling tiara crumbles up under running water for a golden, bubbling bath. You may recognize the fresh, uplifting Brazilian orange and sandalwood oil scent from our best-selling Gorilla Perfume, The Sun. This bar was created for Mum to channel her inner super heroine, and is not only covered in sparkles but includes a gold glimmer luster throughout the bubble bar mix, creating a swirling, luminous effect in the water. Sink in and revel in sunshine!"

Have you checked out Lush's Mother's Day Collection yet? I think that these bath products would make a lot of moms very happy, as they also mean an hour of relaxation! Have you done your Mother's Day shopping yet, or are you leaving it to the last minute? :)

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  1. The bubble bar on the stick is actually really cute!

  2. I love Lush's limited edition lines. They always have such cute things. The tiara one is so sparkly and pretty!


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