Monday, 9 June 2014

So...? Body Fragrance - Kiss Me & Eternal

So...? was probably the first fragrance that I ever owned, so it's been a lot of fun revisiting this brand! I've been trying out the So...? Body Fragrance in both Kiss Me* & Eternal*, and it's definitely brought me back to my pre-teen years!

So...? Body Fragrance

So...? Body Fragrance

So...? Body Fragrance

"So...? Eternal indulges all your romantic senses with this sweet smelling scent. Notes of citrus, amber and sandalwood all fuse together to create an everlasting memory. Your love, like the fragrance will be So...? Eternal." - So...?

So...? Eternal is a beautiful mix of light, citrusy notes, and more sensual, sexy notes like amber and sandalwood. I think that this would be fun to wear on a first date, as it's playful, fun, and sexy.

So...? Body Fragrance

"So...? Kiss me is our best-selling fragrance and has become somewhat of a cult beauty buy amongst girls worldwide! Sugary notes of blackcurrant and citrus reveal layers of kissably sweet vanilla with a floral heart rounded by musk- perfect for day and night." - So...?

So...? Kiss Me was the first perfume that I had ever bought for myself - I remember thinking that my mom would think that the packaging was too provocative so I bought the perfume, and hid it in my purse during the car ride home, and then hid the perfume bottle in my closet. All over a few kiss stamps on the bottle - I guess you can say my parents were a bit strict. 

This fragrance hasn't changed at all over the years, it's light, creamy, and sweet. I love anything with a hint of vanilla, so it's a no brainer that I enjoy this scent. These body sprays only last for a few hours on my skin, but they're so easy to reapply throughout the day.

I've really enjoyed revisiting So...? Fragrances! I loved them as a pre-teen, and I still enjoy them now. I think that these bottles are really convenient to carry around in your purse, or to keep in your locker at school. These fragrances are definitely geared towards a younger audience, but I believe that any scent can work for any age. If you're a fellow 90's kid, do you remember this brand? Are you a fan of body sprays?

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  1. These bottles are so cute! I definitely remember this brand :)

  2. My first fragrance is also a So.......? something spray. I remember a girl wanted to know what it smelled like while we are on the bus to a field trip, so she sprayed out sooo much on the bus. Every one could smell it and people were complaining..... not a good day

  3. My first fragrance was either Exclamation or Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth! I have never even heard of this one until this month.

    1. Oh really?! These were super popular with 90's kids!


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