Friday, 1 August 2014

Travel Diaries: My Travel Wishlist

Doesn't everyone have their dream travel wishlist, whether you've actually taken the time to write it down, or it's just at the back of your mind. I haven't traveled too much, but now that I've graduated from university I'm hoping that I'll have more time (and money) to travel. Enough chitchatting, let's get on to my travel wishlist!

1. BareclonaSpain - I've been dreaming of a trip to Spain for years and years. I would love to visit Barcelona, and explore the parks & beaches, and enjoy the sunny weather.

Barcelona, Spain

Nova Icària Beach
Nova Icària Beach (Photo Credit)

2. Egypt - I'm wanting to see all of the world wonders, and the pyramids are definitely at the top of my list! I've also always wanted to visit Africa, and I think that Egypt would be a great African country to explore first. I had a friend in high school who was from Egypt, and all of his stories definitely peaked my wanderlust!

Egyptian Pyramids
Egyptian Pyramids (Photo Credit)

3. Sydney, Australia - First of all, I love an Australian accent. That might be the reason that first peaked my interest in traveling to Australia, but I've since found many more reasons to travel to this far away country. The beaches look incredible, and the culture fascinates me. 

Bronte Beach (Photo Credit)

4. Greece - Every time I see a picture of Greece, my heart starts fluttering. Greece is one of the destinations at the top of my list for my honeymoon next August. I think that it would be such a perfect, romantic destination!

Fira Town Santorini
Fira Town Santorini (Photo Credit)

5. Ireland - My bff is Irish, and she just makes Ireland sound so incredible, I need to check it out for myself! I would love to take in the beautiful nature and culture, and I also love the Irish accent!

So those are just a few places on my ever growing travel wishlist! I'm hoping to cross a few of these destinations off of my wishlist over the next year or two, and of course I'll be sure to let you know if I do! I would love to know what's on your travel wishlist, or if you've been to any places on my wishlist! :)

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  1. great post :) i adore barcelona, and i'm lucky enough to be going there later this month! i think i would love to go to all of the places you have listed here!

    i should have some photos up on my blog next month if you want to check it out sometime!

    1. Ooh I can't wait to read about your travels! :)

  2. my boyfriend and i want to go to ireland and new zealand someday, and there are so many others places i want to go. top of my wishlist is russia/eastern europe :)

  3. Aw, I love this! Such a fun post. My mom leaves for Greece tomorrow and I am super duper jealous. I did go a few weeks ago and it was just as wonderful as I had imagined.

    1. Thanks Natalie! Ooh I hope she has an amazing trip!!

  4. I will try to master my Aussie accent so when I come back to town it's IMATS and you'll hopefully be here and I can teach you slang!

  5. I want to go to Egypt, Greece and Ireland too!! Here's hoping I make a trip to Ireland before I leave London!

  6. That is a great list. I just got back from Barcelona and I loved it. So much to see and do (and eat)

    1. Oh, lucky you!! It looks like a gorgeous city :)


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