Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dr Roebucks Pure Body and Body & Handwash

Dr Roebucks is a "new to me" brand, but I've been trying out two products from the line, their Pure Body* and their Body & Handwash*. This brand is available exclusively at Murale in North America, and it aims to provide a healthy and natural alternative. The brand is made 100% in Australia, and uses BPA free and recyclable packaging. This all sounds amazing, but how do the products perform? Read on to find out!
Dr Roebucks Pure Body and Body & Handwash

Dr Roebucks Body & Handwash ($18.95/250mL) -

"Our pure, natural, body and hand wash, infused with Neroli Petit-grain from France. It contains honey for its antiseptic properties, thyme and basil to soothe and calm the skin. It is entirely free from petrochemicals, sulfates and parabens." - Murale

This product comes packaged in a tall plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I've been using this mainly as a hand soap, just because I already have enough body washes to last me a lifetime! This formula is a thick clear gel that has a light lather, and a great "green" scent. This hand wash leaves my skin cleansed and lightly hydrated. 

Dr Roebucks Body & Handwash

Dr Roebucks Pure Body ($29.95/250mL) - 

"An ultra rich moisturising body cream with our unique scent that moisturises the skin while reversing the effects of ageing." - Murale

This body lotion comes packaged in a tall plastic tube. This lotion is quite thick - it's almost verging on being a body butter. I do find that I have to massage this lotion into my skin for it to fully absorb, but the extra time is worth it because it's so hydrating! Just like the hand & body wash, this body lotion has a light green scent that linger for an hour or two. I will note that the shelf life of this body lotion is only 3 months, since there aren't any nasty chemicals or parabens to increase the life of the product. 

Dr Roebucks Pure Body

Dr Roebucks Pure Body and Body & Handwash

I love the philosophy behind this brand - I'm all for greener, healthier products! Both products performed wonderfully, and I'm already about halfway through the hand & body wash. Dr Roebucks has a lip balm that I'm really interested in trying out, it even contains SPF 15! Have you heard of this Australian company before? What are your favourite natural products?

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  1. Ive never heard of this brand! Thanks for sharing :)

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