Monday, 11 August 2014

Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo, Condition & Smoothing Cream

I've been trying out three products from Pureology's Super Smooth Line*: the Shampoo, Condition, and Smoothing Cream, and it's time to tell you all about them! This line is targeted towards anyone with unmanageable colour treated hair - sounds like me!

Pureology Super Smooth Line

Pureology's Super Smooth Shampoo contains zero sulfates or salts, and the formula actually contains coconut, corn and sugar! The ingredients for the entire line are 100% vegan, which definitely appeals to me. Even though this shampoo is sulfate free, it's still able to create a nice, rich lather. If you have a sensitive scalp, I think you'd really like this gentle formula. Sulfate free shampoos are also great for anyone who colours their hair, as sulfates can work to strip your colour. This line has a nice salon scent, but it isn't anything extraordinary. 

Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo

Pureology's Super Smooth Condition has a thick consistency that I leave on my hair for about 3 minutes before rinsing. This formula also contains the exclusive Thermal AntiFade Complex, which helps to protect your hair against heat. This complex is also in the shampoo, which I think is really cool! This conditioner leaves my hair feeling very hydrated, nourished, smooth, and healthy. My frizz is reduced, and my hair feels more manageable. 

Pureology Super Smooth Conditioner

Finally, Pureology's Super Smooth Smoothing Cream works to detangle hair, reduce frizz, add shine, and it is humidity-resistant. This cream has a somewhat thick consistency, but it applies easily to damp hair. I use a pea sized amount (the huge 200mL tube will last me ages!), mostly focusing on the bottom half of my hair. This Smoothing Cream helps to make my hair more manageable, which is a must for someone with thick, curly hair! 

Pureology Super Smooth Smoothing Cream

Pureology Super Smooth Smoothing Cream

Pureology Super Smooth Line

If you have dry, unmanageable hair, then I think you'll really love Pureology's Super Smooth line! I love that this line is gentle and safe for colour-treated hair, and I actually see results from this line. My frizz is reduced, my hair is hydrated without weighing down my curls, and my hair feels healthy!

Have you used any of Pureology's lines before? Which line is your favourite?

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  1. The smoothing cream sounds perfect for my hair! :)

    1. I love how it makes my hair more manageable! :)


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