Thursday, 30 October 2014

o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons: Review + Giveaway!

Ladies, I have a bit of a fun post for you today! That time of the month is no ones favourite, but there are products out there to help make those 3-8 days a bit more bearable. I've been a long time fan of o.b.'s Pro Comfort Tampons*, so I was excited to hear about their new Give Us One Period campaign! You can follow o.b. on Twitter to be kept up to date on this new and exciting campaign! These tampons are different to most tampons on the market, because these ones don't actually have an applicator. This means less waste and more discreet packaging. 

o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons

o.b.'s tampons are quite small in size, but they are able to absorb the same amount of liquid compared to the other tampons on the market. 

"The FLUIDLOCK® grooves draw fluid into the centre core, all while expanding to fit your unique shape. This gives you up to eight hours of amazing protection. Your flow level will determine how often you should change your tampon and what absorbency you should use. You should use a tampon with the lowest absorbency to meet your needs." - o.b.

o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons

I personally prefer the small size, and the applicator-free design is very easy to use. You simply expand the tampon with the green string, and then insert your finger in the little opening. You can then insert the tampon. This might sound a little bit intimidating, or messy, to anyone who has only used tampons with applicators, or only pads. But I promise you that o.b.'s tampons are incredibly easy to use! In fact, I want you to be able to try out these tampons for yourself. 30 of my Canadian readers will get the opportunity to try out these amazing little tampons! All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Easy as pie!

o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons

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  1. I haven't tried these before but I'm loving how small they are!

  2. I have tried them and they are my go-to brand! Victoria Ess

  3. I have tried them and like them.


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