Thursday, 23 October 2014

OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Collection

OGX is a brand that always catches my attention while browsing the hair care aisle in Shopper's, so I was really excited to try out their new Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Collection*! This new line is formulated for dry, thirsty hair, which I definitely have. I've been using this line for about a month now, so it's about time that I shared my thoughts on it with you!

OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Collection

"Quench hair’s thirst and grant it the freedom to move with the new OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Collection. Formulated with deep sea minerals and sea kelp, this collection infuses hair with magnesium, calciumand potassium, while wrapping strands in intense moisture. Natural antioxidant green algae protects strands against UV radiation and heat damage while repairing and softening split ends. Take the plunge and dive right in for soft, supple perfection." - OGX

OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Collection

This line includes a shampoo, conditioner, mask, and spray-in weightless moisture replenisher. All of the products are packaged in aqua blue and gold plastic bottles, which I think look so beachy and cute! The shampoo is very thick, and lathers up nicely. The conditioner has a medium consistency, and is actually quite similar to the Moisture Surge Deep Treatment. I like the conditioner and mask equally, so I think you can get away with just buying the conditioner, since you get more product for your money (385mL vs 200 mL). Both conditioners are very hydrating without weighing down my hair. I love that this line keeps my oils at bay. Normally I need to use dry shampoo on day two hair, but I find that I haven't had any need for my trusty can of Batiste lately!I do find that my hair still has a fair amount of frizz, which I need to tackle with additional styling products. 

OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Surge Deep Treatment

This line smells like the beach - fresh and invigorating! I find the scent a bit strong, but it's still really nice. The Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Shimmering Weightless Moisture Replenisher is the product from the line that I've used the least. I find that this formula is just too light to add any moisture to my very dry hair. I do like that this spray doesn't leave my hair looking or feeling greasy, but there aren't any noticeable benefits in terms of hydration, frizz-reduction, etc.

OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Shimmering Weightless Moisture Replenisher

OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Collection

Overall, I think that the shampoo and conditioner are the must-haves from this line. The mask is very nice, but it isn't different enough from the conditioner to warrant having both bottles in your shower. OGX's Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Collection is available for $9.99 each at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Target. Will you be picking up any of these four products?
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