Friday, 9 January 2015

MAKE UP FOR EVER Graphic Liner

I've been using black liquid liner for many years - I actually hardly ever wear pencil liner on my upper lash line. MAKE UP FOR EVER has recently launched a new a new product, their Graphic Liner* ($29 CAD/0.03 oz), which is a liquid liner with an ultra fine felt tip.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Graphic Liner

MAKE UP FOR EVER Graphic Liner

"This high-precision pen lets you create lines and define eyes with seamless control. This long-lasting, jet black eyeliner features a versatile foam tip pen that glides on with exact precision. Whether you’re drawing on a super-slim line or bringing dramatic intensity to eyes, this pen defines like a pro." - Sephora

MAKE UP FOR EVER Graphic Liner

MUFE's Graphic Liner comes in sleek pen style packaging. My only complaint about the packaging is that the lid doesn't fit tightly onto the pen. I find that my liner started off already feeling a bit dry, and I think it's because the lid doesn't click on fully. I'm not sure if this is a problem with all of the liners, or if mines an exception. 

MAKE UP FOR EVER Graphic Liner

I really like that this liner dries to a glossy finish - I have a lot of matte black liners, so it's nice to switch things up! The felt tip of this liner is very thin, so you can create a precise line easily. I think that it would normally be easy to create a winged tip with this applicator, but since mine is a bit dried out the tip ends up dragging a bit. This liner does dry very quickly, but I did find that the formula smudged a bit throughout the day. I didn't end up raccoon eyes or anything like that, but if you have oily lids then this might not be the best formula for you.  

MAKE UP FOR EVER Graphic Liner Swatch

MAKE UP FOR EVER Graphic Liner

Overall, this is a good liner but there are some fatal flaws that I can't forgive. Hopefully this packaging is just a fluke, and not all of MUFE's Graphic Liners have this issue. I also wish that this liner lasted a little bit longer on my lids without smudging. For such a pricy product, I think that there are better options out there. 

Have you tried MUFE's Graphic Liner? Did you have any of the same issues that I'm having?

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  1. huh, MUFE usually does stuff so well, but this just doesn't seem as nice as other options. :/


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