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Lush's Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and Lush has you covered with their new collection! I have a few goodies from their new range to share with you today, and I promise that you won't be disappointed!

Lush's Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Lush's Heart Throb Bubbleroon* ($8.95 CAD) is actually good for two baths - simply break it in half and crumble one half under running water, and watch the bubbles form. This has the same scent as Lush's African Paradise Body Conditioner, which is soft, subtle, and soothing.

"Give your heart to the bath with this Heart Throb Bubbleroon. Skin-softening shea butter and beautiful ylang ylang and geranium essential oils will turn your bath into a silky haven while the bright red heart will make the water a passionate red – perfect for setting the mood! This bubbler also shares its intoxicating, delicately floral scent with our African Paradise Body Conditioner to leave skin delicately scented." - Lush
Lush Heart Throb

Lush Heart Throb

Lush's Lonely Heart Bubble Bar* ($7.95 CAD) has a sexy, sultry scent, that's actually the same as Lush's Love perfume (which I've unfortunately never tried!). On the website, this bubble bar looks like it's completely covered in gold glitter, but in reality there's just a light dusting. I'd recommend using the whole bubble bar for one bath for optimal bubbles.

"Crumble this heart under running water and it may just make your heart race a little. Its golden shimmer and vibrant red center will turn your bath water into a lascivious haven of soft bubbles. It features the same scent as our bygone Love perfume – a lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang blend that will leave your soft skin smelling oh-so-irresistible." - Lush

Lush's Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar* ($7.95 CAD) is probably the cutest thing ever! I mean seriously, don't you agree? Not quite sure what unicorns have to do with Valentine's Day, but hey - I'll take it. I haven't actually let myself use this one yet, but I can already tell that I'm going to love it. The scent is both sweet and soft, thanks to the mix of lavender, ylang ylang, and neroli. 

"Sink into a magical bath filled with beautiful essential oils, colorful candy stars, sparkling glitter, rainbows and dreams. Gorgeous pastel colors and a shimmering luster create enchanting pink waters with silvery trails sparkling through it – just like the dazzling pools in magical forests that unicorns can be found bathing in. Lavender, ylang ylang and neroli create a unique and uplifting fragrance as you surround yourself with mounds of bubbles that will leave you feeling perfectly serene." - Lush
Lush's Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Lush's Prince Charming Shower Gel ($9.95-$29.95 CAD) has a very nice scent, but I'm not sure that everyone will love it. This scent is a nice mix of citrus notes like pomegranate and grapefruit, and sweeter scents like marshmallow and almond. The citrus scents are more prominent, but the sweeter undertones tone down this scent and round it out.

"Get cozy with our limited edition Valentine's Day body wash! Just like its namesake, this pretty pink gel has everything you've been dreaming of: an intoxicating fruity perfume, skin-softening oils and a gentle touch. Get in a lather and luxuriate in the indulgent blend of fresh pomegranate juice, Fair Trade vanilla pod infusion and almond oil. You’ll emerge with royally soft, beautifully moisturized skin—it’s almost too good to be true!" - Lush

Lush's Love Locket Bath Bomb ($11.95) is just massive! You can actually break this huge heart in half, which will reveal a smaller heart inside - so you get three baths out of this one bath bomb! There are also small paper hearts and red agar seaweed hearts, which will float around your bath tub. 

"What’s inside this locket? You’ll need to break it in half to find out! Use each side and the center for three separate baths (each piece is big enough to stand on its own), or sink in with the whole thing all at once for the most luxurious soak imaginable. We’ve packed it with paper hearts, shiny red agar seaweed hearts and a sensual blend of vanilla, jasmine and neroli essential oils." - Lush

Lush's Love Locket Bath Bomb

Lush's The Kiss Lip Gloss ($7.95 CAD) has a very interesting formula; it’s almost like a mousse! I definitely wasn't expecting this whipped, creamy formula when I opened the lid for the first time. The actual product is pink in colour, but applies fairly sheer, with a glossy finish. The Kiss is scented very sweet and girly. The scent isn't too strong, and it does fade as it’s applied to your lips.

"The Kiss has it all! This limited edition gloss is vegan, self-preserving and leaves behind a pretty pink color and loads of shine. Its whipped buttery base of Fair Trade shea and cupuaƧu butters melts on to soften and hydrate lips, and almond and mandarin oils leave a lip-smacking flavor behind. We’ve topped this gloss off with a dash of guarana seed powder to make your lips feel plump, soft and ready for smooching." - Lush

Lush's The Kiss Lip Gloss

Lush's The Kiss Lip Gloss

These are just a few products from Lush's Valentine's range this year, and my top pick would have to be Heart Throb! I do wish that Lush had released a new massage bar for Valentine's Day this year - now that's a product that really suits the holiday. Regardless, I'm still loving all of these goodies, and I'm definitely enjoying all of the baths and pampering that come with these products! Have you check out Lush's Valentines Day range yet? I'd love to know which products you tried, and how you liked them! 

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  1. ahhh I am just jealous of the unicorn :( I made it in store but of course it was sold out. prince charming does smell yummy though! i love the body conditioner so i bet heart throb smells great.

  2. Everything is just so cute, especially that unicorn horn!

    1. Thanks Natalie! I agree, everything is adorable!

  3. Ooooooh I can Literally EAT these! Yum!
    Red Alice

  4. I love Lush's Bubbleroons, they're so hydrating! I'm sure I would love Heart Throb :)

  5. I bought Unicorn Horn and Prince Charming and I love them both! :D


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