Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Body Shop Satsuma Soap

Happy Sunday friends!! I hope you all had lovely Valentine's Days yesterday :) Today I have another product from The Body Shop's incredible Satsuma line to share with you. Their Satsuma Soap* ($4.00) will not only clean your body, but you'll also be smelling amazing all day long!

The Body Shop Satsuma Soap

"Cleanse your skin with a moisturizing, vegetable-based soap that has a bright citrus scent to refresh and uplift the senses.
  • Satsuma essential oil moisturizes skin and provides a natural citrus fragrance.
  • Glycerin is a water soluble moisturizer that enriches foam and lather." - The Body Shop

This soap lathers really well, and lightly hydrates my skin, but I wouldn't describe this formula as overly creamy. While you still might need to use a moisturizer, your skin won't be left with that squeaky clean feeling, which I think is a good thing! The satsuma fragrance is incredible, it's so bright, citrusy, and fun. If you've never tried anything from The Body Shop's Satsuma line, I would highly recommend doing so, and this soap is a fairly inexpensive place to start! 

The Body Shop Satsuma Soap

I've been using the Satsuma Soap in conjunction with the Satsuma Body Polish and Satsuma Body Butter, so you know that I've been smelling bright & cheery lately! Have you tried anything from The Body Shop's Satsuma line before? 

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  1. i just love the satsuma scent!

  2. Bet it smells amazing!!!

  3. I imagine this would be beautiful! & the smell must be so lovely too. x


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