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Pureology's Curl Complete Line

Back in my teens I was addicted to my hair straightener, but I'm happy to say that over the years I've started to accept my wavy/curly hair. Now I only pull the straightener out a few times a year, and my hair is definitely thanking me for it! Pureology wants you to embrace your curly locks, and you can easily do so with their Curl Complete Line*! This line combines the hydrating benefits of coconut oil, an antifade complex (which includes UVA/UVB filters!), and a curl extend complex that extends the life of your curls! This line comes packaged in fun orange and purple bottles, and all of the products are 100% vegan!

Pureology's Curl Complete Line

"Coconut oil-enriched formulas with the exclusive AntiFade Complex envelop individual hair strands to:
  • Re-substance the hair fiber and resurface its stress points
  • Reduce breakage, replenish moisture and help erase frizz
  • Protect haircolour and illuminate shine
  • Revive shape and extend the life of curls and waves" - Pureology
Pureology's Curl Complete Line

There are 6 products in the Curl Complete line, and I'll start with the Shampoo and Conitioner. The shampoo is sulfate free, which my scalp definite appreciates. This line has a light fragrance to it - I can't quite place my finger on the scent, but it reminds me of a spa! The shampoo ($30 CAD) is fairly thick, and I love that it doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped, like some harsh shampoos can tend to do. The conditioner ($32 CAD) has a lighter formula, and I think that it would be best suited for someone with thin or fine hair. My hair is very, very thick, so I do find myself using quite a bit of this conditioner to get the job done. This line also includes a masque - the Moisture Masque ($50), which comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser. While I absolutely love this formula, the packaging has me confused. The pump dispenses such a small amount of product, so I find myself having to use 10+ pumps to cover my hair. I would have preferred a squeeze tube or a tub! This masque almost melts into my hair, and after about 4 minutes my hair feels incredibly smooth, hydrated, and frizz free! Definitely my favourite product from this line!

Pureology's Curl Complete Line

There are three styling products in Pureology's Curl Complete line, and I've been using all three to get my curls looking flawless! First up is the interesting Curl Extend ($36 CAD), which actually has two separate chambers of products. When you pump out the product, both formulas are dispensed - one clear and one a white cream. This formula works to nourish and moisturize hair while also reducing frizz and adding definition and shine to your curls! I apply a few pumps of this product to damp hair, and I love the results! 

I've been relying on the Taming Butter ($30.50 CAD) to help reduce frizz. This thick cream is meant for those with thick, rebellious, course hair, and that's exactly what I have! This will be too heavy for those with thin, fine hair, but I'm absolutely loving it. Frizz is reduces, and my hair feels instantly softer, smoother, and more hydrated without feeling greasy. 

Lastly we have the Uplifting Curl ($36 CAD), which comes in a tall bottle with a spray pump dispenser. I've used this product on both damp and dry hair, and it works well both ways! This spray helps to add definition to your curls without weighing them down. Additionally, this light milky formula helps to reduce frizz. 

Pureology's Curl Complete Line

If you couldn't already tell, I'm absolutely loving Pureology's Curl Complete line! If you also have wavy/curly hair, then this is definitely a line that I would recommend trying out. My favourite products are the Moisture Masque, the Taming Butter, and Curl Extend. 

Do you have curly hair? What products do you swear by to tame and define your waves?

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  1. This line sounds amazing! Especially the mask and the Taming Butter :)


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