Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dior Vernis Summer 2015 Tie Dye Collection

Today I have another Dior review for you! The new Tie Dye Collection includes three nail polishes - two pastel cremes, and a Tie Dye Top Coat*! I have swatches and a full review of all three polishes to share with you today, so keep reading... 

Diror Vernis Summer 2015 Tie Dye Collection

Sunwashed* is a pale yellow polish with a semi-sheer formula. I had to use 4, yes 4, coats for a mostly opaque finish. Yellow polishes are notorious for having streaky formulas, and while this formula from Dior wasn't perfect, it was better than most. 

The Tie Dye Top Coat is meant to give your nails a tie dye, ombré effect. This top coat has a thicker texture, and a sheer pomegranate colour to it. When layered over Sunwashed, you're left with a pale orange colour. As for the tie dye, ombré effect, I'm not so sure that I can say that I'm impressed with the results. I was expected something similar to OPI's Shattered polishes, but with more of a sheer tie dye effect, but this is really just a sheer top coat. 

Dior Vernis Sunwashed & Tie Dye Top Coat

Sunkissed* is a pale, sheer pink polish. I used two coats for a semi-sheer finish, and I found this formula to be really easy to work with. This polish dries super quickly, and to a shiny finish. The Tie Dye Top Coat turns Sunkissed into a gel-like hot pink, but again, there's definitely no tie dye, ombré effect.

Dior Vernis Sunkissed & Tie Dye Top Coat

While I'm enjoying all three polishes from Dior's Tie Dye Collection, I don't think that any of them are must-haves. For $27-$28 a pop, I think that your money could be better spent. Of course, if you see something that you like, then feel free to go ahead and treat yourself! 

What polishes are you looking forward to wearing this Summer?

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  1. four coats is a lot but i actually really like the end result of the yellow since like you said, yellows tend to suck. maybe i am just confused, because i keep seeing it swatched this way, but my understanding of the top coat was to build it up, like do 2/3 of the nail with one coat, 1/3 of the nail with two coats, or even, increasing # of coats across nails for a ombre instead of a gradient. I'll be posting with a look using it that way next week anyway :)

    1. Oh I'll have to try it out that way! Good tip :)

  2. Sunkissed is very pretty! Too bad the top coat doesn't give a better effect though!

    1. Thanks! I know, I was really excited about it too!


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