Monday, 27 April 2015

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection

Summer is (hopefully) quickly approaching, and today I have one of The Body Shop's new Summer Collections to share with you! The Body Shop's Virgin Mojito Collection* will be available July 2015, but I've already been trying out a few products, and I think it's one that you'll want to keep your eyes out for!

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection

I've been trying out three products from the Virgin Mojito Collection - the Body Sorbet, Body Splash, and Body Scrub, and there will also be a Shower Gel and Body Butter available in this scent. First things first, this scent is amazing - I wish these products were safe to ingest... Summer to me is all about the frozen drinks - piña coladas, strawberry daiquiris, and mojitos! So obviously this new collection was right up my alley, and I think that you'll really like it too :)

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection

"Treat yourself to a sensorial experience this summer with the new Virgin Mojito range. Blending refreshing mint and zesty lime scents, your thirsty skin will thank you after just one sip."
The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Scrub

The Virgin Mojito scent is very zesty, uplifting, and vibrant. Close your eyes, give it a sniff, and you're instantly transported to a tropical beach! The Body Scrub contains small exfoliating beads that gives a light scrub. The Body Sorbet offers light hydration with a cooling sensation - perfect for those hot Summer months! Finally, the Body Splash will help you smell like a Virgin Mojito all day long. I do have to say that I'm not a fan of the packaging of the Body Splash - it's not travel friendly, and I wish that it had a spritzer. 

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Scrub & Body Sorbet
Body Scrub & Body Sorbet

If you like fun, citrus scents, then watch for the Virgin Mojito Collection to become available in July! I would recommend both the Body Scrub & Body Sorbet, but you can probably skip on the Body Splash. Does this scent sound like something you'd be interested in? What are your favourite Summer scents?

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  1. THIS SCENT SOUNDS SO GOOD! Does the body splash just have a big opening? That does seem strange.

    1. It smells amazing!!
      Ya the cap twists off and there's a small opening so you can "splash" it onto your wrists, etc., but I would have much preferred a spray!

  2. This sounds SO DELICIOUS! I hope we get this in the UK! :D


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