Tuesday, 2 June 2015

OPI Color Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer Collection

If you're in to nail art, then you'll love OPI's new Color Paints Collection*! This line of sheer polish is meant to be blended together to create a rainbow of different nail effects. I'll be honest - I'm no good with nail art. So today I'll be sharing swatches of all of the polishes on their own, but you can definitely try mixing them together if you're more artsy than I am!

Chromatic Orange is my favourite from this collection - the formula dries to a very shiny finish, and it's pretty much opaque with two coats. 

OPI Chromatic Orange

Indigo Motif has a very streaky formula, as you can see in the swatch below. I used three coats, but it's still somewhat sheer and uneven. The navy blue colour is quite pretty, so I really wish the formula was easier to work with!

OPI Indigo Motif

Landscape Artist is a green polish that's very similar to the colour of grass. This formula was fairly easy to work with, and almost fully opaque with two coats. 

OPI Landscape Artist

Magenta Muse is a strawberry pinky-red with a super glossy finish. Another one of my faves from this collection!

OPI Magenta Muse

Pen & Pink is a bright pink colour that's pretty, but I did find the formula a bit hard to work with. My nails were left looking a bit uneven and streaky, even after 3 coats. 

OPI Pen & Pink

Primarily Yellow is a bright sunshine yellow shade. I find this one a bit hard to look at - if I'm going to wear yellow polish then it better be fully opaque! I used three coats of Primarily Yellow, and I'm still left with a bit of a smokers nails effect.

OPI Primarily Yellow

Purple Perspective is a glossy eggplant purple shade. I used three coats, but this is another polish with a streaky, uneven formula. 

OPI Purple Perspective

Turquoise Aesthetic is a pretty teal, but again, the formula was uneven and difficult to work with. 

OPI Turquoise Aesthetic

Silver Canvas is the opaque base colour from this collection. I really like this colour on its' own, but you can also layer polishes over top for a unique and more opaque look.  

OPI Silver Canvas

These polishes are obviously meant to be blended together, and used to create different nail art effects. You can of course wear them on their own if you wanted to, but they'll really shine when used in more creative ways.

What nail art looks would you create with OPI's new Color Paints?

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  1. I'm quite lazy when it comes to nail art so I don't know how I feel about these... In theory they're a great idea! lol :)


    Xoxo Jessy

    1. Ya, I'm the same way! These are great for people who are super creative though!

  2. Interesting collection! I think the vibrant orange is my favourite as well- love shades like that for summertime :)



    1. Thanks Jen! The orange is super pretty, I'm loving it!

  3. Magenta Muse is really pretty! I would love to do a marble effect with these polishes :)

    1. I really like that shade too! Ooh yes, these would be great to marble with! :)

  4. I just LOVE all these colors especially the Purple Perspective!!


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